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Coleman Camp Patch

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Save Camp Coleman Patch Program
Objectives: This patch program is designed to help girls learn more about Camp Coleman, the oldest camp in the state of Alabama.

Choose one to complete:

1. Visit the website Read their Mission and Goals. Sign the Guest book. Share what you learned with your family, friends, or scout troop.
2. Locate the list of Board members on the GSNCA website or on Friends of Camp Coleman's website. Write letter(s) to members of the GSNCA Board asking them to reconsider their decision to close Camp Coleman. Remember to use the appropriate format and etiquette for a formal business letter. Ask a parent or other adult for help.
3. Learn about the Historical Registry Process. Visit the website of the Alabama Historical Commission @ Read about the Landmarks Program under Preservation
Programs. Discover which historical Alabama landmark is the closest to you. Have you ever visited any of the historical landmarks on this list?
4. Juliette Low sold her strand of rare matched pearls in 1914 to keep Girl Scouts going. She sacrificed her pearls for a great cause. What would you give up for a cause you cared about?
Do you know of any other examples of people making great sacrifices? Discuss these questions with your troop and/or family.
5. Continue Juliette low's tradition (from Step #4) by taking part in a Pearl Party with your troop or Service Unit. What will you talk about at your Pearl Party? What type of activities do you
do with your troop today that are similar to what Juliette Low did with the first Girl Scout troop?
6. Visit Camp Coleman with your troop or family. Document what you saw, what you liked, and something new that you learned.
7. Discover who is Camp Coleman's director and interview her. How long has she been the director at Camp Coleman? Find out from her what is special about Camp Coleman.
8. How many Girl Scout camps are in the GSNCA council? How are they similar to Camp Coleman? How are they different? Can you find a program or activity that is only available at
Camp Coleman? Discuss your findings with your troop and/or family.
9. Learn at least one new Camp Coleman song and sing it with your troop. If you have the opportunity, teach your new song to a group of younger Girl Scouts.
10. What would Juliette Low have done on a visit to Camp Coleman? Perform a skit about what her visit might have been like.
11.Ask an older scout or a Camp Coleman alumna about the story of Fairy Rock.
12.Ask a family member or friend about her experiences at Camp Coleman. Find out one of her favorite memories and share it with your troop.
13.Attend a Save Camp Coleman sponsored activity or event.

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