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How to make a knotted fleece blanket:

Materials needed:

Less than a yard blanket would be nice to donate to the local animal shelters.
1 yard of polar fleece (for infants)
1 1/2 yard piece of polar fleece ( Elementary school children)
2 yards of polar fleece (for teens)

Fleece is usually about 55 wide.


When purchased, sides of polar fleece have a rolled edge or a selvage.
Please trim this edge off prior to creating the blanket.
If you need a cutting guide place a piece of masking tape 5 in from the edge on top and bottom of blanket to be used as a cutting guide.
Cut top and bottom sides into 1 x 6 strips (cut toward center of blanket to make fringe).
Eventually, you will cut out a square in the corners by creating your fringes.
See diagram below.
Remove masking tape.
Tie overhand knot on each strip to create a finished fringe edge as shown on the patch.


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