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1. Australia, the land ‘down under,” is the only country occupying an entire continent. It is the world’s smallest continent and its sixth largest country. Locate Australia on a map and find its capital. What do the words “down under” represent? Which oceans border Australia? Identify Australia’s flag and its currency. Identify the structures and animals pictured on the patch.

2. G’day mate! (Good day friend). English is the official language of Australia, and is seasoned with a many native expressions. Learn a few of the words or expressions unique to Australia. You also wish to view websites or check out books from your local library.

3. Australia has many unique plants and animals indigenous to their area. Find out a marsupial is? Choose four (4) animals, plants, or birds to learn more about. Some examples are: Platypus, kangaroo, kookaburra, emus, eucalyptus, or kiwi.

4. Aborigines were the first people to inhabit Australia. They were skilled tool makers, hunters, and created the boomerang. Find out more about the Aborigines and boomerangs. What type of housing or clothing did they have? For extra credit: Build your own boomerang; create or color a paper doll dressed in their native clothing.

5. Australian food is very similar to meals served in North America and largely influenced by Great Britain. They enjoy tea, crème buns, pumpkin scones, and dampers. Try some foods from Australia or make a recipe from an Australian cookbook or website.

6. Australians have created many popular myths and legends to explain the many wonders of their land. Some examples are: “How the kangaroo got its tail”, “Magic Pudding”, “Why the stars twinkle” and “Echidna.” Learn more about one of these stories or create one of your own.

7. One of the most famous buildings in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. It has beautiful pointed arches and is located on Sydney Harbor. Why was it designed this way? Choose one of the following items: Learn more about a composer from Australia (such as Percy Grainger or Same Melba); sing a song like “Waltzing with Matilda”; play a musical instrument or dance to a simple song.

8. There are a variety of public events and festivals in Australia. Some examples of holidays and festivals are: Australia Day, Anzac Day, Adelaide Arts Festival, Surf Carnival, Penguin Parade, and the Melbourne Cup. Visit a cultural celebration, re-create a holiday event, or learn the reasons behind one of these celebrated holidays or festivals. You may also create a related drawing or art project, such as: puppets or food (like hamburgers and snags.)

9. Children in Australia enjoy a variety of games and toys. Some common games are: Jump rope chants, bowls, bounce eye, and conkers. Learn about a game or toy in Australia. Play a game they might have in Australia or create your own game representing their traditions.

10. Australia has many different terrains. They include tropical rainforests, deserts, beaches, reefs, and mountains. Explore the great outdoors. Learn more about one of these natural creations such as: The giant wave rock, Ayers rock, or the Great Barrier Reef. Ski or hike a mountain. Snorkel or swim in the reefs. Stroll or collect shells on the beach. Climb dunes on the swirling sand or observe plant life in the forest.

11. Australia’s earliest artistic creations were done by Aboriginal artists. They use bright, warm colors to tell a story or depict a beautiful natural landscape. Learn more about the art of Australia or create a painting using “aboriginal” style or colors.

12. Australians enjoy many outdoor sports. Some of the most popular sports are: surfboat racing, soccer, skiing, yachting, swimming, track, camel and horse racing, tennis, sailing, rugby, or cricket. Learn more about one of these outdoor activities.

This patch program will help its participants learn more about the history and sites in this country. If you have the privilege of visiting this country, you can complete some of these requirements there. It would be helpful to learn more about the country prior to your visit. Use the library and the internet to research more.

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