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1. Locate India on a map. What continent is it located on? What is its capital? Learn what the flag looks like. What type of currency does it use?

2. There are several different languages in India. The most prominent is the Hindi language. Learn how they greet each other. Try to speak at least 3 different words. For extra, try to write some letters of their alphabet.

3. The food available in India is as diverse as its culture. Examples are: Parathas (unleavened bread fried on a griddle), rice and an assortment of dals (fried vegetables). Rice pudding and nutty ice cream are common desserts. Learn more about India’s cuisine or eat some Indian food.

4. The Kashmir Region of India is known for its beautiful jewelry and precious stones. Make a shiny piece of jewelry or a jewelry box.

5. In the 17th century, India introduced Henna painting on feet and hands. Patterned henna is not as popular as it once was. The most common henna markings now are drawings on the palm of your hand or on the sides of the feet. Learn more about Henna painting. For fun, have a “Henna Party”. Use washable watercolors or gel pens to draw special designs on each other.

6. Family ties are very strong in India. Some families are called “joint families”. Find out the meaning of this. What are the different roles of this family? Is this tradition helpful? Would you like to be part of a “joint family“?

7. Choose one of the wondrous terrains in India to study: Bring out the adventurous person in you and learn more about the Himalayan Mountains and go skiing and hiking; go to evergreen forests and flower meadows and explore wildlife; visit the rapids of rivers for white water rafting. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are in India. Choose to visit the arid Thar Desert for camel safaris. Draw or paint a picture of you in the adventure you chose.

8. A traditional dance in India known as Sadir or Bharatanatyam is performed with hand movements to convey moods or expressions. Learn about other dances in India. Try to express your mood or feelings in a dance alone or with others. Did it make you feel good to express yourself?

9. It took 22 years to build India’s most famous monument, the Taj Mahal. It is constructed completely of marble and is considered the most perfect building in the world. When was it built? By whom? Why?

10. India’s culture can be found expressed in its many forts, palaces and other monuments. Learn more about one. Examples are: The City Palace, Red Fort, Agra Fort, Hawa Mahal, and Mysore Palace. For extra credit, you could make a model, painting or drawing of the building.

11. India has been considered the land of festivals. Research a special festival such as Holi, Pongol, Raksha Bandhan or Diwali (festival of lights). For extra credit, make a craft or do an activity representing one of these celebrations.

12. Chess, archery, hockey, lawn tennis, golf, Kabaddi and kho kho (a chase game), are popular games in India. Play a game from India.

13. The silk saris, brightly mirrored cholis, short blouse, colorful lehangas, skirt, and the traditional kamees (dress), have fascinated many with beautiful colors and designs. A sari is a rectangular piece of cloth that is five to six yards in length. For girls, using a bed sheet, try to wrap yourself in a sari. For Boys, try to wrap a turban on your head.

14. Complete a community service project helping others in your area or other countries. Some examples are clothing and food drives, volunteering for organizations or camps for younger children, gathering needed items for orphanages, donating needed supplies for elderly or people with special needs.


This patch program will help its participants learn more about the history and sites in this country. If you have the privilege of visiting this country, you can complete some of these requirements there. It would be helpful to learn more about the country prior to your visit. Use the library and the internet to research more.