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1. Locate the United States on a world map. Which continent is it located on? Where is its Capital? What does the flag look like? What type of currency does it use? What are the denominations?

2. In 1787, thirteen colonies joined together to for out great nation. What colony became the first state? Last? Choose a state and learn more about it. Reference: Our State Patch Programs.

3. Who designed the United States Flag? What is the meaning of the flag and the United States seal. Draw an old flag and learn what the symbols represent. For extra credit learn how to fold a flag properly or learn flag etiquette. (Examples: When to fly a flag, how to display a flag etc.)

4. The United States is considered a “melting pot” since many people from many diverse cultures co-exist there. Choose a food, holiday, festival or activity derived from another nationality. (Examples: Asian or Mexican food; Manacala board game, from Africa; Bowling, from Egypt: Circus, from London; tie-dying from India; Origami from Japan; wind chimes from Far East; puzzles or greeting cards from England; or mosaic; or celebrate holidays such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas)

5. The Native American Indians were America’s first settlers. Pick a region of the United States and learn about the Native Americans from that area. Research their different types of housing. What were names of the different tribes from that area? How did they travel? Why were they called Indians? What types of games or toys did they play with? Choose one of the following items: Create a skit, conduct a play, make a pictograph play a game or complete an art project.

6. The United States has many various terrains. Explore and learn about one of them. Milk a cow on a farm, hike in the mountains or forest, canoe or raft on its lakes or rivers, ice fish or ski in its artic weather, be sure to dress comfortably while you enjoy the sun on its deserts or beaches, and keep a close watch while you are exploring its volcanoes or swamps. You may use the internet or books to further your adventure.

7. The explorers and settlers learned how to do most things on their own. They learned a lot by trial and error. Choose an explorer or settler to learn more about. (Examples are: Pilgrims, pioneers, colonists, Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, etc.) Draw a picture, create a play or engage in a hands-on activity depicting that era of time.

8. The First President of the United States was George Washington. When was he inaugurated? Where? Where did he live? How long was he president? How many presidents has America had as of 2005? Who is the president of the US today? For extra credit have a mock election or vote on an activity or event for your group.

9. Where was the first Capital of the United States? Investigate an important historical city of the United States and learn why it is important to our country. (Examples are: Philadelphia, New York, Plymouth, Washington DC, etc.)

10. The architecture of the United States is unique and exciting to explore. Research bridges, buildings or architectures of your choice. (Examples are: Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, covered bridges, swinging bridges, Gateway Arch, lighthouses, Washington Monument, etc.)

11. Good ole’ American Apple Pie is one of the foods unique to the United States. Try a food, take a field trip or an activity that is indigenous to American culture. (Example: Hotdogs, Peanut Butter, ketchup, hamburgers, baseball, basketball, volleyball, hayrides, cartoons, skyscrapers, and fast food.)

12. Many unique natural creations are located in the United States. Choose a place or area to learn more about. (Some examples are: Grand Canyon, Shiprock, Crater Lake, Joshua’s Tree, “Big Indian”, caverns, sequoia trees, volcanoes and Death Valley.) For extra credit…Draw a picture or create a 3-D image from clay or paper mache of a landscape or place.

13. From flags to ribbons Americans wear many things to represent their freedom or a cause they support. Complete an activity that represents a patriotic symbol, song or cause. (Some examples are: Make a drum or kazoo, play an American song, sing a patriotic song, create a gift basket of items to give to your local fire department or community helpers, visit a monument or draw a patriotic picture.)


This patch program will help its participants learn more about the history and sites in this country. If you have the privilege of visiting this country, you can complete some of these requirements there. It would be helpful to learn more about the country prior to your visit. Use the library and the internet to research more.