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Thinking Day Patch program: (Choose one to complete)

1. Take a day out of your year to think about another culture. Choose a country and learn three things about it. Examples: Location, flag, clothing, festivals, games and stories from another land.

2. Attend an event, celebration, or festival that helps you think about another culture.

3. Learn a song, story, or dance from another country.

4. Think of people of the past, present and future from different cultures. Examples: Cleopatra of Africa, Juliette Low, Harriet Tubman,or Susan B. Anthony, of North America, Queen Elizabeth of Europe, and Malala from Asia. Choose one of them to learn more about their accomplishments or donate to an organization that represents them.

5. Complete a community service project that assists a need from another country.

6. Create a multi-cultural activity or craft that assists you in learning more about that country.

7. Create a recipe, enjoy a food, or drink from another country.

8. Learn a game or enjoy a toy from another country.

9. Combine your event with a holiday, special guest, bake off, or project.

10. Adopt an endangered animal from another country online. Choose an animal from a different country to learn more about and how they are endangered in their country. You can research this online to learn more about the animals and how you can assist them.

11. Create an artistic expression representing another country or paint a mural or create paper dolls in traditional clothing.

12. Create a scrapbook or photo book of your country photos, OR your event OR cultural events.