Our kit offers an interactive book to learn and create at the same time.
It is reproducible for your group.
All levels need to only complete 3 requirements

A pirate is someone who lives at sea and steals for a living.
It is wrong to take things from others and sometimes hurts people in the process.
Many pirates were punished for their crimes.
Today, most people prefer to think about the adventures they went on and the costumes they wore.
Enjoy this pirate adventure program by learning more about the pirate life.
You will find that the "pirate life is not for you" but still get the feel of an adventure.

1. What is a pirate? Many stories have been told about pirates. Some are true while others are myths. Research one pirate and find out where they came from and what era of time they were from. Some examples are: Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Lady Mary Killgrew and Annie Bonnie.

2. Most captains of pirate ships designed their own flag. The most common used flag was the 'jolly roger'. Research what the jolly roger or other pirate flags looked like. Design your own flag.

3. Many Pirate ships were naval or privateering vessels. It was hard to maintain a ship and complete the daily chores to keep the ship a sail. Learn more about 2 parts of a pirate ship, visit an ancient ship, or create a drawing of a pirate ship. Example of parts: masts, sail, crow's nest, deck, hull, rudder and quarters.

4. "Shiver me timbers!" I see me treasure ahead. Arrg! What a fine day this will be! Pirates searched for treasures of gold and silver. In their searches they would sometimes discover secret maps and go on a quest for the treasure. Create a treasure hunt or secret map. Prizes can consist of golden chocolate coins, bags of glass rocks or fake jewels. For extra, research what a secret map would look like or types of treasures they would find in pirate times.

5. The pirates used slang so they could talk to each other in code without outsiders knowing what they were saying. Choose two words to learn the meaning of or the proper content of a sentence. Some examples are: mate, ahoy, buccaneer, doubloon, landlubber, or booty.

6. Pirates clothing consisted of durable cloth for the sea life. They also liked to look different from other people or wear costumes so they were recognized as pirate, man of the sea. Research more about the type of clothing or costumes they wore or decorate a hat.

7. Pirates spend the majority of their life at sea. Learn more about the sea and the creatures that live in it. Examples; sharks whale, crabs etc.

8. Pirates had a variety of weapons they used in battles to defend their ships and fight for treasures. Research a weapon to learn more about such as cannons, swords, musketoon and daggers.

9. Many movies, books, and plays have been written about pirates. Learn more about one of these entertainment activities. Is it fiction or non fiction? Suggestions are Pirates of the Caribbean; Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, or Peter Pan. Peter Pan was originally written as a play in 1904 for children. Today, we most commonly know the story through the movie version. Treasure Island tells the story of a boy who battles with pirates while searching for a hidden treasure. It was written in 1833 by Robert Louis Stevenson.

10. Swab the deck! Many crew members were needed to do jobs on the ship. Everyone on the ship had a job to complete. Teamwork was essential to keep the ship in tip top condition. The regular crew on deck completed daily jobs to keep the ship running and prepared for weather changes or attacks. Find out more about the daily responsibilities of the regular crew or learn more about another job on the ship. Examples: cook, captain, quartermaster, musician, carpenter, boatswain, and sailing master.

11. Land ho! When the pirates needed to get supplies or food, they would need to port their ship on shore or a beach. This also gave them a chance to be on land, barter for food, repair and clean the ship. They would trade some of their treasures for food or clothing. Do you think the people on land were fair with the pirates? Someone can be storekeepers and others can be the pirates. Arrange or create items to "barter", trade for, such as bread, cloths, hats, or use your imagination. Create your own gold pieces or treasures to trade for these items.

12. Many places, especially in the Caribbean, have lots of pirate history. Today, people still remember this history by holding special events to celebrate the adventure of the pirate life. Attendees dress as pirates, create traditional crafts, and warn children not to follow a dangerous life or do drugs. Create a pirate adventure event or dress up like a pirate or create a craft representing the pirate era. Examples: make a treasure chest, basket weaving, or eye patch.


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