"Happy Birthday Juliette Low" LIMITED EDITION [NEW!!] Glow in the dark on the moon, pumpkin, and owl eyes.
[3 inch patch]
Dated 2018
Celebrating her birthday
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Patch #HB-Juliette-18 : $1.75

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"Happy Birthday Juliette Low" LIMITED EDITION [NEW!!] Glow in the dark
[3 inch patch]
Celebrating her birthday with a bracelet kit
Dated 2018
Patch #Juliette-brace-2018 : $1.75

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Laser Cut Cupcake

Patch #HAPPY-BDY-CUPCAKE : $1.50

Happy Birthday Scouts! {laser cut cupcake with a rhinestone in the center of the flower}

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Series 1 - Age 18
"Juliette Low in the Garden"
One last look of the garden before she leaves for Mesdemoiselles Charbonniers boarding school in New York.
Series 2 - Age 10
"Juliette Low in front of her Birthplace"

When Juliette Low was 10 years old she braided taffy in her hair and had to have it cut off short to get the taffy out.

Series 3 - Age 27 "Juliette Low in front of Buckingham Palace"
Juliette Low had to wait in line for three hours to meet the royal family and be presented in the court of London England.

All of our patches are embroidered, a graphic image is on the site for better viewing.

Series 4
"Juliette Low in her scout uniform"
Juliette Low started the program for scouts in 1912" This patch represents the new beginning and path to a program that has been going on for over 98 years. The daisies on the side represent her nickname "Daisy"

Series 5 - Age 8
"Juliette Low playing with her doll"

"Playing with my doll was so much fun when I was growing up." This patch represents Juliette Low at age 8 playing in her yard.


Series 6- Age 12 "Juliette Low celebrating her birthday at her birthplace" This patch symbolizes Juliette celebrating her birthday in Savannah Georgia at age 12. Juliette Low always enjoyed getting together with her family for a festive time. She enjoyed playing hide and go seek and tag.

Series 7
"Juliette Low Breast Cancer Awareness"

"Juliette Low Juliette Low suffered from breast cancer and passed away in 1927. She was only in her late 60's but her scouting program she created lives on. This patch honors her commitment to scouting and shows breast
cancer awareness."

Series 8 - Winter
"Juliette Low in New York"

"Juliette Low attended Mesdemoiselles Charbonniers, a French finishing school in New York City when she turned 18. At school, she learned how to speak French, sit properly, dance, curtsy, and become a well mannered young lady."

Series 9 - Fall
"Juliette Low in England"

Juilette Low is featured riding horseback in England. She enjoyed riding horses and nature. [Fall theme]

Series 10- Spring
"Juliette Low strolling down a cobblestone walk."

Juilette Low, age 16 is enjoying the spring area and smell of flowers as she strolls through Savannah GA. She is carrying a parasol with her lovely blue walking dress.


Series 11-Art
"Juliette Low enjoyed creating art through paintings and pottery."
Juilette Low, age 17 near a waterway in Savannah, GA creating a portrait of nature. She is wearing a lavender day dress.


Series 12- Summer
"Juliette Low visiting Tybee Island."

Juilette Low, age 11 on Tybee Island gathering seashells. She is wearing beach attire, blue short pants and white top.

Series 13- Victorian Christmas

Patch #Juliette-13 : $1.75 Juilette Low, age 9, celebrating Christmas in her birthplace.

Series 14- Tea Time

Patch #Juliette-14 : $1.75 Juilette Low, age 12, celebrating Valentine's Day in her birthplace. Click here for Victorian Valentine and heart images to use on paper dollies.

Series 15- World Centers

Patch #Juliette-15 : $1.75 Juilette Low holding a globe in front of world center images.

Series 16- 1st Headquarters

Patch #Juliette-16 : $1.75 Juilette Low standing in front of the 1st Headquarters of scouting in Savannah, Georgia.

Series 17- TAC-The Animal Catcher

Patch #Juliette-17 : $1.75 Juliette Low and her cousins created a club, TAC, "The Animal Catcher" to take care of the animals that they had rescued and already had. Her parents gave her a stall in the stable next to her horse to hold all her animals.

Series 18- Wedding Day

Patch #Juliette-18 : $1.75 Juilette Low on her wedding day, December 21, 1886. She wore a white gown with diamond star pins. She designed a pin with a daisy of diamonds and the year 1886 on the flower stem to give to all the bridesmaids at the wedding. Image reflects her before she placed the veil on her head. Metallic threads for pin.

Series 19- Visit from Japan

Patch #Juliette-19: $1.75 Juliette Low was visited by a beautiful Japanese lady to teach her about her culture when she was a girl. This patch has them having a tea ceremony with her outside with lanterns.

Series 20- Campfire Stories and Starry Skies

Patch #Juliette-20 : $1.75 Juliette Low with some of her troop camping and pitching a tent, and roasting marshmallows while telling stories. Juliette is pictured in her camping uniform sitting on a log bench.

Series 21- Locket for Luck Patch #Juliette-21 : $1.75 Juliette Low was given a locket by her grandmother for good luck, with her horse on one side and a picture of her on the other. This charming patch with both silhouettes of her grandmother and her surrounded by the locket is completed with metallic threads for the chain of the necklace. Series 22- Juliette and Polly Patch #Juliette-22 : $1.75 Juliette Low's favorite bird was Polly. She is pictured in Savannah, Georgia holding her bird. Purchase the matching stamp to use for letterboxing or special events. Series 23- Sculpture of Daisy Patch #Juliette-23 : $1.75 Juliette Low is creating the sculpture of her niece, Daisy. Purchase the matching stamp to use for letterboxing or special events.

Series 24- From Sea to Shining Girls

Patch #Juliette-24 : $1.75 The first mariner program was introduced in 1916 in Massachusetts. As the program progressed they introduced uniforms and requirements. This patch resembles Juliette Low gazing towards the beginning of the program.

Series 25- Swinging High in the Sky

Patch #Juliette-25 : $1.75 , When Juliette Low was in elementary school she would spend the summer with her cousins at Etowah Cliffs in northern Georgia. Her cousins came from several families to spend time together at their aunt's plantation. Juliette Low enjoyed using her imagination to create games and having fun with her cousins.

Series 26- First Time Seeing Snow

Patch #Juliette-25 : $1.75 , When Juliette Low visited her Grandparents in Chicago for the first time there was shortage of sugar due to the war. She had never seen snow before so when she saw the white dust falling from the sky she ran to her mom and said, "We should gather all the sugar for the south it falls from the sky here". She ran outside only to her surprise to be knee deep in snow. Her grandfather helped her build a snowman.


Series 31-" Juliette Low at the Carnival" [metallic threads]

Patch #Juliette-31 : $1.75

Daisy had many wonderful birthday parties and she always like to spend them with friends and family. Since she was born on Halloween, sometimes they would have a Halloween party, or visit to the local carnival and ride the carosaul.