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Wizarding 20 Year Of Magic Celebration

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Laser cut patch with metallic threads (3 inch tall X 2 inch wide) 100% embroidered

Earn this patch to commemorate a celebration of 20 years of magic, attend an event, watch a magical movie, read a magical book, OR complete anything relating to a magical fun time!

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Some Patch Program suggestions to earn this patch:
1. Learn more about someone that represents magic or appears in magical books or films.

2. Watch a magic show on TV or live OR watch a movie that depicts magic.

3. Read a book or magazine article about a magical experience or a magic person in the news.

4. Create your own pretend potion in a container. List your ingredients uniquely such as grape soda is purple toad juice. Examples of potions: Water and blue drink, (invisibility), fruit punch, gummy worms and lemonade (shape shifter) potion.

5. Choose a magical item and use it, learn more about it and what it is used for, or read a book that focuses on unique items used in movies or magical moments.

6. Choose a magical creature to learn more about, draw or read more about. Unicorns, dragons, mermaids, owls, cats, fairies, nymphs, and elves.

7. Lean more about OR visit a magical place or attend a magical themed event. Examples include: Castles, The Enchanted Forest; The Wizarding World of Harry Potter®; Sorcerer's Castle; Cinderella's® castle; and Blarney Stone, Ireland.

8. Food: Create or enjoy food representing a magical theme OR create your own candy shop.

9. Play a game or create activities representing a magical theme.

10. Create decorations, costumes, a display or diorama with a representing a magical character or storybook theme. Examples include: cauldrons, stars, shiny paper or ribbons for the table or chairs; brooms, wan.

11. Create a craft that represents the magic world or character.

12. Create your own requirement representing a magical theme.

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