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Camping in a Tent 2017

List Price: $1.75
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Patch Details: 2.75 inch patch, 85% embroidered

What a great time to remember the bonding of with your group or troop. This patch helps you offer the remembrance of camping, singing songs, taking hikes and eating banana boats or yummy smores. This patch is ideal for camping in tents, glen shelters or lodges. Help everyone remember the event by purchasing our CAMPING patch !

Moose Lips

1 apple with red skin (do not peel)
Peanut butter

Carefully cut apples into eight pieces. Be sure to get help if needed.
Remove the core from each piece buy cutting out the center area that holds the seeds.
Smear one side of each slice with peanut butter.
Push a row of mini-marshmallows into the peanut butter of 4 apple slices.
Top each slice with another apple slice. Peanut butter side down, matching top and bottom shapes. You should have something that resembles a moose mouth staring back at you. Eat!

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