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Hurricane Harvey Relief Patch (2.75 inches) (3 left)

List Price: $2.00
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Hurricane Harvey Relief Patch (2.75 inches) 85% embroidered (3 left)

Reach out and help others: (rockers are available to place around the patch/click on link)

Care Packages (rocker)

Donate Food (Food Drive rocker)

Donate Clothing (Clothing Drive rocker)

Make a donation of any other items or money (donation rocker)

Volunteer to assist (volunteer rocker)

A portion of all sales will be donated to the Red Cross to assist in those in need from Hurricane Harvey.

1. Donate money to an organization that is collecting funds for Hurricane Harvey. [add the donation bar to the patch to show you donated]

2. Volunteer your time to help the Hurricane Harvey relief program. Examples: giving out water bottles or food, cleaning up areas, passing out needed items to victims, or collecting items for the victims. [add the volunteer bar to the patch to show you volunteered]

3. Donate items you collected or purchased to the hurricane victims. Examples: Canned goods, food, blankets, clothing, diapers, baby wipes, toiletries, clothing, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, gloves, socks, ready-to-eat foods (soups, etc.), flashlights, batteries, pet food and pet supplies, snacks, etc. [add the donation bar to the patch to so you donated]

4.Care Packages Create care packages of toiletries, clothing, etc. and deliver or send to the relief area. [add the care package bar to the patch to show you participated]

5.Food Drive Collect food within your group or family OR donate to a food drive for Hurricane Harvey. [add the food drive bar to the patch to show you participated]

6.Volunteer your time to make posters or containers for monetary donations to the hurricane relief. Collect funds at a bake sale, booth sale, scouting event, schools, or other event to donate to the cause. Take all the collected funds to the bank and donate one large sum to the organization that supports the victims of hurricane Harvey. Offer a certificate for the most collected and the dollar amount collected. Organizations collecting money for the victims: Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc. [add the volunteer bar to the patch to show you volunteered to collect funds. Add the donate rocker to show you donated the funds.

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