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Lea Patch Kit-- {earn the jewelry badge}

List Price: $11.00
Our Price: $6.00
You save: $5.00 (46%)

Items Included in the Kit:
FREE Activities to complete the Jewelry badge [BADGE NOT INCLUDED]

  1. LEA patch [activities to complete it]

  2. Rainforest patch [activities to complete it]

  3. Wildlife Art patch [activities to complete it]

  4. Jewelry Around the World patch [activities to complete it]

  5. Large Rainforest poster to color

  6. DMC Floss and wheel to create a friendship bracelet

  7. Weave a turtle art craft

  8. Stickers to create a jewelry pendant or decorate items

  9. Animal themed necklace to decorate or add sticker pendant [colors will vary]

  10. Brazilian Activity Book

  11. Adopt an animal--receive a certificate with animal.

  12. Various other activity sheets

Wish ribbon bracelets are a special Brazilian cultural tradition that Lea learns how to create. The colors of the thread are typically blue, pink, red and turquoise.[colors included in this kit] Each color represents a different wish that a person that is wearing it has wished for.

INCLUDED: Use the colorful threads and make a wish on each one. Use the cardboard braiding wheel to create a bracelet of your own and one for a friend. They can make their own wishes when you give it to them.

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