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Earth Day Groceries Project
Community Service Patch Program

Patch #EARTH : $1.50

Date Rocker for Patch#Earth-16 : $1.00

Date Rocker for Patch#Earth-17 : $1.00


The Earth Day Groceries Project is a cost-free environmental awareness project in which students decorate paper grocery bags with environmental messages for Earth Day.

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To earn this patch there is five simple steps:

Let the manager of the local grocery store know about the project and its environmental education message.

1. GATHER. Go to your local grocery store and get enough paper bags for your group. Have each participant decorate one and use it the next time they go grocery shopping.

If you have a large group contact a local grocery store that uses paper grocery bags. See if the manager will let you "borrow" enough bags so that each participant can decorate one. Grocers usually get these bags in "bundles" of 500. You can return them to the grocer to use after they are decorated.

2. Decorate. Have participants decorate the bags with pictures of the earth, environmental messages, the name of your group, etc. Be creative!
DO NOT allow students to write their last names on any bags.

3. Deliver OR USE. Use your decorated grocery bag the next time you visit the store to purchase groceries.

LARGER GROUPS DELIVERING BACK: A couple of days before Earth Day you and/or your group should return the decorated bags to the grocery store - with many thanks to the manager! The store then uses these bags to place groceries in to happy and amazed shoppers on Earth Day.

5. Order your patch or bar through Patchwork Designs, Inc. and show off your accomplishments of this wonderful project.

4. OPTIONAL Report. Fill out the Report Form on the project web site with a count of how many bags your group made. Please, only one report per school, group,etc. All reports will be posted on the Earth Day Groceries Project website.