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Christmas Cards for Soldiers (Operation:)--SYMBOLS NEW!!
Operation: Cards for soldiers can be mailed anytime of the year to the organization. They create bags and send them to soldiers during the holiday season.
Creating Blankets for Those in Need - NEW DESIGN / Circle
This patch is remembrance of a great project assisting those in need. Participants of all ages can create blankets and distribute them to a variety or organizations such as hospitals, shelters, and orphanages. Place a year rocker around this patch for each year you complete it!
Holiday Cards for Soldiers
Earn this patch by making cards for the soldiers. Bring them on base (if you have permission) or mail them to: Diane Schneider ATTN: CARDS 119 Brentfield Loop Morrisville, NC 27560
Overseas Military Coupon Collection
Collect your coupons from your local Sunday paper. Mail your coupons to one of the addresses listed on our site or a contact address you may have from another participating address. The coupons are distributed to families at the ''on base" grocery stores, Commissary, or on base to the military members. It helps them save money while they are living on a budget overseas.
Pearl Harbor Patch Program
COMPLETE ONE REQUIREMENT TO EARN THIS PATCH. [3 inch patch/white trim] [95% embroidered] Complete requirements that are age appropriate. The USS Arizona Memorial is located in Pearl Harbor. Learn more about the memorial, Pearl Harbor, or assist a veteran or soldier. Click here for the free kit to use: VIRGINIA FREE KIT
Poppy Wall of Valor KIT
Help join scouts and students across America pay tribute to those that lost their lives in WWII by creating RED poppies for the wall and earn a remembrance patch for it. DECORATE THE FREE POPPY FLOWERS INCLUDED IN KIT to earn the patch.
  • Red poppy flower
  • Yellow Ribbon Bead
  • Safety Pin
  • Color your own Poppy Flowers Activity Sheet
  • $2.99Add
    Shoeboxes for Soldiers
    Earn this patch by collecting items for soldiers, making cards for them, and making a shoebox during the holidays or any time of the year. Place the Parade/Reading Adventure year bar underneath each year for only $1! **Please click on the patch for the complete list of suggested items!**
    Summer Games Patch KIT patch dated 2024, Bracelet, and Activities
    Summer Games Activity Kit Watch the summer games or participate in a camp or themed event to earn patch.
      Included in Kit
    • Summer Games Patch- DATED 2024
    • Summer Games Bracelet Kit. (5 metal charms, string, 25 red, white and blue beads.
    • Colorful Pencil Colors will vary on pencils.
    • Summer Games Activity Sheet
    Support Our Troops Patch
    Support our troops through letters, cards, care packages, and monetary donations. Let them know someone out there cares about their devotion towards our country.
    USA Historically Speaking Patch
    The "land of the free and the home of the brave" is also home to many interesting historical facts and wonders. Learn about wig wams, butter churning, Sioux, Grand Canyon, Kitty Hawk, Empire State Building, peanut butter, and the sequoia trees.
    USA Manual
    Over seventy pages packed with tons of fun information! Songs, learning how to write in native American symbols, beaded flag, sand painting, life size teepee, apple pie, patriotic hat, and many more activities included in this manual.
    Veterans Assistance [2 inch]
    Assist the veterans by giving out poppy flowers, make valentines, pillowcases, wheel chair bags, or blankets. Host an event for veterans serve refreshments, hand out goody bags and cards. Volunteer at homes or hospitals.
    White House Patch
    Commemorate your research of or visit to The White House! Learn more about the white house or take a tour online.
    Yellow Support Our Troops Ribbon
    The yellow-colored Support Our Troops Ribbon is also a special symbol that’s filled with meaning and significance.

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