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*Thinking Day/Travel the World Activity Kit (GREAT BOYS AND GIRLS)
Have Thinking Day or Travel the World on your own or as a small group. 1. Choose a country from the list. WRITE IT UNDER COMMENTS WHEN YOU CHECK OUT You will receive a country patch and packet that represents your country. 2. Complete your SWAP Kit or use the charms to create a bracelet. 3. Assemble your passportand color the "stamp". 4. We will also send you five other country activity sheets. 5. Complete a swap that represents thinking day or your country. 6. Use your Lanyard with a pocket to hold your passport and attach your swaps to the ribbon.
Have Thinking Day on your own or as a small group. 1. Choose a country from the below list. WRITE IT UNDER COMMENTS WHEN YOU CHECK OUT You will be sent a fun activity packet to learn more about this country. It will also include games, paperdolls, maps, crafts, and other activities. You will receive a country patch that represents your country. Passport 'stamped', lanyard with pocket, swap, activity sheets 5 countries as if you are visiting the booths, bracelet kit, and more.
Thinking Day LIME GREEN Lanyard with a Globe imprint (WITH POCKET)
Thinking Day Lanyard: [Alligator clip] This DOES INCLUDE the plastic Pocket holder for passport or patches.
#1*2020**Happy Birthday Juliette Low Patch GLOW IN DARK THREAD
LIMITED EDITION!! Glow in dark threads on the moon, pumpkin, and owl eyes. [3 inch patch--85% embroidered] Dated ** 2020** Juliette Low dressed up and ready to go to her birthday party. This year would be her 160th Birthday. Every year on her birthday she made sure her dress was special and unique since she was born on Halloween.
#1-Juliette Low [Juliette Low in her garden age 18][3 inch patch]
Juliette Low in the Garden at age 18
#1-Laser Cut Adventure Girls
This is BOOK #1 of the Laser Cut Adventure girls. This book contains stories, activities, and blank stationary pages for Cecila from Switzerland; Elizabeth from England; Juliette Low, from Savannah, Georgia, USA; Maria from Mexico; and Salena from India.
#10-Juliette Low Series-#10 [Spring theme][3 inch patch]
Age 16, strolling through Savannah in the Spring along the cobblestone road.
#12-Juliette Low Series#12- [Tybee Island Summertime][3 inch patch]
"Juliette Low visiting Tybee Island." Juilette Low, age 11 on Tybee Island gathering seashells. She is wearing beach attire, blue short pants and white top.
#13-Juliette Low Series#13- [Victorian Holiday][3 inch patch]
Revised requirements to introduce celebrating the holidays with homemade crafts and Victorian celebrations.
#14-Juliette Low Series#14- [Valentine's Day][3 inch patch]
Juilette Low, age 12, celebrating Valentine's Day with a tea party in her birthplace. This patch is great any time of the year to celebration friendship and giving to others.
#15-Juliette Low Series 15 [World Centers][3 inch patch]
Juliette Low in her uniform holding a globe surrounded by the World Centers: India, England, Mexico, and Switzerland.
#16-Juliette Low Series [First Headquarters][3 inch patch]
Juliette Low with her first headquarters in Savannah, Georgia. Daisies are also pictured for her nickname.
#18-Juliette Low Series[Juliette's Wedding]--METALLIC THREADS! [3 inch patch]
Juliette Low as a bride of 1886 with lilies of the valley (her flower of choice for her special day) with the pin she designed for all of her bridesmaids to wear as well. Metallic threads!
#19-Juliette Low Series [Visit From Japan][3 inch patch]
Juliette Low was visited by a beautiful Japanese lady to teach her about her culture when she was a girl. This patch has them having a tea ceremony with her outside with lanterns.
#2-Juliette Low Series [Juliette Low in front of her Birthplace]
Julliette Low in front of her Birthplace. Learn about Juliette Low and her accomplishments through fun activities in our kit or on your own. Use the same kit to earn all patches.
#2-Laser Cut Adventure girls
This is BOOK #2 of the Laser Cut Girl Adventures. This book contains stories, activities, and blank stationary pages for Angelia from Greece; Kara from Egypt; Kaylee from Australia; Ming Mei from China; Tawia from Ghana and Yoshiko from Japan.
#20-Juliette Low Series [Campfire Fun][3 inch patch]
Juliette Low with some of her troop camping and pitching a tent, and roasting marshmallows while telling stories. Juliette is pictured in her camping uniform sitting on a log bench.
#21-Juliette Low Series[Grandmother's Locket]--METALLIC
Juliette Low was given a locket by her grandmother with her horse on one side and a picture of her on the other. This charming patch with both silhouettes of her grandmother and her surronded by the locket is completed with metallic threads for the chain of the necklace.
#22-Juliette Low Series#22- (Juliette and Polly)[3 inch patch]
Juliette Low pictured at her birthplace with her parrot, Polly.
#23-Juliette Low Series#23- (Daisy Sculpture)[3 inch patch]
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Juliette Low sculpting the famous Daisy statue inside her home.
#25-Juliette Low Series#25-(Treehouse)[3 inch patch]
PERFECT FOR TREEHOUSES! When Juliette Low was in elementary school she would spend the summer with her cousins at Etowah Cliffs in northern Georgia. Her cousins came from several families to spend time together at their aunt's plantation. Juliette Low enjoyed using her imagination to create games and having fun with her cousins.
#3-Juliette Low Series#3- [Juliette Low at Buckingham Palace][3 inch patch]
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! "Julliette Low in front of Buckingham Palace" Juliette Low had to wait in line for three hours to meet the royal family and be presented in the court of London England. Have a Juliette Low Celebration playing Victorican games and crafts. Her Birthday is October 31, earn this patch by celebrating her birthday with a Masquerade Ball, Birthday Celebration, Picnic, and much more. March 12th marks the date of the first scout meeting for girls.
#31-Juliette Low Series#31- (Carousel Horse)[3 inch patch]
This beautiful patch features Juliette Low as a child riding a carousel horse on her birthday. This patch is complimentary to the Juliette Low Birthday 2012 Carnival special edition patch.
#4-Juliette Low Series [Juliette Low in her scouting uniform]
"Julliette Low in her scouting uniform" This patch represents the new beginning and path to a program that has been going on for almost 100 years. The daisies on the side represent her nickname "Daisy".
#9-Juliette Low Series [fall theme-horseback]
Juilette Low is featured on horseback in England. She enjoyed riding horses and nature. [Fall theme]
(10th) Rededication Tenth Year Mini Patch - Darling Dolphin [2 inch patch]
This daring dolphin would be perfect for your 10th year. [2 inch patch]
(11th) Rededication Eleventh Year Mini Patch - Pretty Peacock [2 inch patch]
This gorgeous peacock is perfect for your 11th year. [2 inch patch]
(12th) Rededication Twelfth Year Mini Patch - Fabulous Flowers and Parrot
This winning combination of a colorful parrot and brilliant flowers are perfect for your last year (12th). [2 inch patch]
(1st) Rededication First Year Mini Patch - Colorful Flowers
This sweet patch filled with colorful and bright flowers will be perfect for your first year! [2 inch patch]
(2nd) Rededication Second Year Mini Patch - Cute Teddy Bear
This cute teddy bear will be adorable for your second year. [2 inch patch]
(3rd) Rededication Third Year Mini Patch - Bright Owl [2 inch patch]
This bright and sweet owl would be perfect for your third year. [2 inch patch]
(4th) Rededication Fourth Year Mini Patch - Fiesty Fox
This fiesty fox patch will be perfect for your fourth year. [2 inch patch]
(5th) Rededication Fifth Year Mini Patch - Adorable Giraffe
This tall and cute giraffe would be perfect for your 5th year. [2 inch patch]
(6th) Rededication Sixth Year Mini Patch - Peppy Penguin
This great penguin would be perfect for your 6th year. [2 inch patch]
(7th) Rededication Seventh Year Mini Patch - Totally Awesome Turtle
This lovely turtle patch would be perfect for your 7th year. [2 inch patch]
(8th) Rededication Eighth Year Mini Patch - Beautiful Birds
These small but bright birds would be perfect for your 8th year. [2 inch patch]
(9th) Rededication Ninth Year Mini Patch - Precious Panda
This wonderful panda is perfect for 9th year. [2 inch patch]
***2020 Thinking Day Patch (ordering less than 100 patches)
Patch Details: 3 inch patch, 90% embroidered Behind the girls on the patch are lanterns "threaded together" and a woven rug with the globe pattern. Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.
***Thinking Day 2021- (95th Anniversary)
Patch Details: 3 inch patch, 90% embroidered Girls are pictured in the passport image from the following countries: France, Hong Kong, Ghana, USA and Mexico. The peaceful dove is holding the anniversary banner for this year. Other symbols "stamped" on the passport represent other countries.
***Thinking Day Items for 2020
Below is a list of items to choose for your Thinking Day Preparation or Event (Click on the name to view the patch) Patch Details: 3 inch patch, 85% embroidered The girls are standing on a woven rug with a global pattern and paper lanterns threaded together. Girls represented on the patch are Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.
**2020 Thinking Day Bracelet Kit
All items listed are placed in s clear bag to create Items Included:
  • 5 metal charms representing the continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, Snowy regions, and Tropical)
  • 25 aqua, yellow, and green beads
  • Elastic String
**2020 Thinking Day patch (over 300 pieces)
Patch Details: 3 inch patch, 90% embroidered Behind the girls on the patch are lanterns "threaded together" and a woven rug with the globe pattern. Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia
**2020 Thinking Day patch (over 500 pieces)
Patch Details: 3 inch patch, 90% embroidered Behind the girls on the patch are lanterns "threaded together" and a woven rug with the globe pattern. Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia
**Being Productive While Quarantined
Purchase this patch if you are quarantined during the Coronavirus outbreak but being productive. Below are some ideas of how you can be productive. Complete at least one activity.
  • If you are under quarantine and have to stay home, keep yourself busy with activity packets, crafts, movies, and puzzle sheets. (You can find several fun activities available on Patchwork Designs, Inc. web store)
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    **Camping Patch with Charms
    Camping Skills with Charms Patch Program This patch can be earned younger and older participants according to the requirements below. Complete only requirement per charm. There are no requirements for the patch. Participants should complete the skills they are able to complete according to their skill or age. Some skills will prepare you for camping while others you will complete while you are camping. Knowledge is the key to learning a new skill.
    **CORONA-Keep Calm Fight the Coronavirus (DATED 2020)
    Choose two requirements to earn your patch.
  • 1. Talk about the virus and how we should be calm but still fight off the chance of getting the virus. Open communication is key.
  • 2. Practice washing your hands correctly. Wash your hands for 20 seconds (say the ABC’s once or sing “Happy Birthday”). Make sure you are using soap and warm water, avoid touching your face, stay home and out of large groups, cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing, and most importantly, stay home if you feel ill.
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    **Thinking Day for 1 (Thinking Day patch, bracelet, pencil, girl patch)
  • Included in the Thinking Day for 1 Kit
  • (1) Thinking Day Patch- DATED 2020
  • (1) Cultural Pencil
  • (1) Thinking Day Bracelet kit
  • (1) Laser cut Girl Cultural Patch (countries will vary)
  • (2) Activity sheets
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    *2020 Swapping Patch-Hang swaps on patch-(Free Swap kit)
    Swap beads and string are placed in a plastic bag that you assemble a swap yourself Items Included:
    • Swapping Laser cut patch with 5 holes at the bottom to hang your favorite swaps on
    • 25 beads (colors will vary) and string
    *2020 Thinking Day BUNDLE(Thinking day, swapping, passport, & lanyard)
    All items listed are placed in this bundle Items Included:
    • Thinking Day patch (dated 2020) 3 inch square
    • Swapping 2020 (swap kit with beads)
    • Thinking Day Lanyard (great to hang swaps on)
    • Plastic Pocket attaches to lanyard(holds passport and patches)
    • Passport (assemble yourself)

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