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Adopt a Troop

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Adopt a troop within your neighborhood or through another state. You can contact your service unit manager and ask if there are any new leaders that might want to complete an activity together or go on a field trip together. Younger scouts can adopt kindergarten level. While 4-6th grades can adopt 1-3rd graders etc.

Complete one of the following requirements to adopt your troop. You can complete more and keep the project on going according to the amount of time you have to dedicate to the other troop. Please note that some of the activities require you to live near the participants, therefore there are several activities to choose from. Don't forget to order your Adopt a Troop patch.

1. Start a pen pal with your troop you adopted. If you are choosing to only be pen pals with your troop you adopt then you can contact your council for more information about receiving a pen pal through scouts.

2. Plan an outing for your troops to meet and have fun. Examples: Work on the games patch, mystery program, or have fall fun.

3. Order the laser cut girl patches and the other troop. Download the free kit and pass it around. After your troop has taken them on an adventure. Include pictures of your adventures and don't forget to send them to Patchwork Designs to be listed on our site. his can be completed once or enjoy exploring each girls world.

4. Provide your adopted troop with a craft kit or program book to help them easily prepare for a meeting. Order the kits through Patchwork Designs ans we can mail these items to your adopted troop for you.

5. Mail or give your adopted troop a reward patch or fun activity patch.

6. Collect basic craft supplies for your adopted troop.

7. Work on a community service project together. You don't have to be at the meeting to assist them in getting started. Let them know where they can send their items. Such as stamp ministry, Valentines for Veterans, and creating blankets. The information on where to mail or drop off these items is located on Patchwork Designs, Inc. website.

8. Help the troop research Thinking Day or provide them with a country manual.

9. Assist the troop in creating swaps for a special event.

10. Decorate totebags with their troop number on it etc. Fabric paints work great for this. Be sure to leave one side blank so they can decorate on it as well. For extra: provide the fabric markers with this gift.

11. Host a party or special event for your troop. This can be a Halloween party, tea, holiday fun, BINGO or game night.

12. If you are local you can attend their meeting and assist them there. We have scout kits to complete.

13. Teach the troop basic first aid skills, have them write down their emergency numbers and plan an evacuation plan for their meeting area. You can also send them the Emergency Ready ! kit.

14. Assist them in earning the Super Troop patch.

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