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Argentina Historically Speaking Patch

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Pictured on the patch is the Iguazu Falls and a macaw. If you learned about Argentina for Thinking day you have earned this patch.


1. Argentina is the 8th largest nation in the world. It borders five countries and also has a large coastline. What continent is it located on? Identify Argentina’s flag, currency, and capital.

2. Argentina's official language is Spanish. It is spoken different than what is spoken in Spain. There are also many other languages spoken in Argentina, including Italian, German, English and French. Indigenous languages include Tehuelche, Guarani and Quechua. Learn how to count to ten or some words in one of the languages

3. The Cave of the Hands is about 9,000 years old and is the oldest image known is South America. It has hands, geometrical drawings and pictures of the sun. Other works of art include carvings, pottery, gaucho accessories, paintings and photography. Complete a craft, paint a picture, learn more about the designs on the gaucho accessories OR the Cave of the Hands.

4. Some sites to see in Argentina include the Iguazu falls, located on the patch, Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo or La Plata Cathedral. Learn more about a building, landmark, or piece of architecture located in Argentina OR re-create the image on paper or 3-D art form OR draw a picture or create an art project resembling it.

5. The gauchos are folk heroes and represent a symbol of strength. They were excellent horsemen and could tame wild horses, herd cattle, and find fresh water. Learn more about the traditional they wore OR a food they ate OR where they lived OR types of horses they rode.

6. Argentina has many festivals or “fiestas” throughout the year. Many of the events are colorful, musical and involving dancing. Some involve competitions or celebration of historical traditions. Examples of some holidays and Festivals are: Tango Festival, St. John’s Day, Christmas, Quinceanera, El Dia de Tradicion, El Carnaval del Pais and La Revolucion de Mayo. Visit a cultural celebration or re-creation of a holiday event OR learn the background of the celebrated holiday or festival OR create a drawing or art project, OR prepare a food, OR create a costume to resemble a celebration.

7. The Argentina tango is one of the most famous dances in the world. It was not popular until it spread to Europe. Today, the Colon Opera House has performances from ballet to classical musical. Research one famous dancer or composer, OR learn about instruments played in Argentina, OR watch tango, OR attend a performance that has an Argentina influence.

8. Different clothing is worn at festivals or for dances. The women clothing can range from a tango dress, to a brightly colored ruffled dress with a shawl or a simple cotton skirt with a jacket. The men usually dress in the baggy pants, hat and belt resembling the gaucho era. Try on clothing from Argentina, make a shawl or fan, color our paper dolls, create an accessory, or view traditional clothing through books or the internet.

9. Empanadas, alfajor, dulce de leche, almendrado, and a drink of mate are common foods in Argentina. Try one of the foods mentioned, taste test foods, OR create something from a recipe.

10. Soccer is the most popular sport in Argentina. Children in Argentina enjoy a variety of games and sports. Some common games are Fisher Martin, Casita Robada, or Rayuela. Play a game that is played in Argentina or one that reminds you of the country.

11. Folktales and stories about the creation of animals or things are passed down through the Argentina culture. Read a story, folktale or legend that is told about Argentina OR draw pictures of the characters in a story OR write your own story or act out a play OR create a puppet for a story.

12. Eva Durate was a lady from a lower class family that became the first lady of Argentina. She stood up for labor rights and women’s suffrage. She founded and ran in the first large scale female political party. A movie was created about her called Evita. Research more about Eva OR watch the Evita film OR listen to the soundtrack from the film. Please note that the Evita is a PG rated film and may not be suitable for all ages.

13. Argentina is about 2,000 miles long measuring from north to south of the country. It has several unique or endangered animals, a variety of flowers and birds. Choose two to learn more about, such as the color, what they look like or habitat. Examples of animals are: puma, jaguar, howler monkey, chinchilla, capybaras, pudu, vizcachas, anteater, peccaries, tapir, llama, or coati.

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