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Aruba Historically Speaking Patch

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Learn more about jazz festivals, island activities such as windsurfing and boating, the Dutch and Papiamento languages, traditional food such as "ayaca", festivals like Dia di San Juan and Carnaval, and much more.

ARUBA PATCH PROGRAM [Complete 3 requirements]

1. Aruba is a beautiful island filled with a rich history. Learn where Aruba is located, what the flag looks like, and what the capital is.

2. There are two main languages on the island of Aruba: Dutch and Papiamento. Dutch is spoken because of its affiliation with the Netherlands, where Dutch is the official language. Papiamento is becoming more widely spoken as the national language. It is a creole language that is considered to be the islands native language. Recently, the government has shown interest in making Papiamento the official language. Learn some words or slang that is spoken in Aruba.

3. Celebrations in Aruba are heavily centered on music and color. Dia di San Juan is celebrated with music and dancing, and Arubans dress in red and black and orange to symbolize fire. Carnival is also a very popular celebration in Aruba, and is celebrated with music, dance, and other rituals involved with the preparation Christian season known as Lent. Learn about festivals in Aruba, go to a festival, participate in one, OR complete a craft that represents a festival.

4. Goat meat, vegetable stews, seafood, rice and other grains are popular ingredients in dishes served in Aruba. Two major influences of Aruban cuisine are the Spanish and the Dutch. Before the Dutch took over, the Spanish owned the island, causing both to merge into the current cuisine. Popular dishes include: Cala (a bean dish), keri keri (seafood dish), and cool island soup (a sweet soup). Try a recipe, food, or drink from Aruba.

5. Music and dance is very popular in Aruba, especially during celebrations such as Carnival. Latin influenced music such as the salsa, soca and merengue are mixed with contemporary genres such as rock and jazz. During carnival, music can be heard everywhere. Popular instruments used during the festivities are steel drums and brass bands, all contributing to the unique and enlightening experiences of Carnival. Other popular instruments are the guitar, raspa and the accordion. Watch a dance OR listen to music OR sing a song OR learn more information about a dance from Aruba and try your own moves.

6. Legends and stories of Aruba reflect the many cultural backgrounds in Aruba today. Folk Tales and nature poetry make up many of Aruba's early literature. Read a story, legend, OR listen to a legend or play.

7. The first inhabitants of Aruba were called the Caquetio Indians. They depended heavily on the sea for food. Later, the Spanish inhabited the island and introduced their culture. Lastly, in the 1600's, the Dutch superpower took over the island and used it for trading. Aruba remains part of the Dutch Island still today. Learn an interesting fact about Aruba's history AND locate the Netherlands on a map.

8. Aruba is a generally flat island, mostly known for its white sandy beaches. Apart from its geography, the island hosts the Aruba Island Rattlesnake. This snake only lives on the island of Aruba, and is very venomous. Aruba also houses a multitude of marine animals, and marina plants. Choose [3] animals OR plants from Aruba to learn more about OR learn about a marine animal.

9. There are many crafts unique to Aruba such as clay pottery, and other things made out of seashells, sand and drift wood. The djuco nut that washes up onto the shore is collected and polished and sold as jewelry. Also, Aloe is very popularly sold and marketed in Aruba. Create a craft or project using a traditional a skill OR jewelry OR observe someone creating a handicraft OR a traditional craft from Aruba.

10. Aruban traditional dress is typically seen during the festivities of Carnival. They are very ornate and colorful, and are widely known to be some of the best carnival costumes in the world. Apart from the sequins, shiny material and colors, Arubans wear very elaborate feathered head dresses. Draw a picture of the clothing, dress up in an Aruban themed costume, create an accessory, complete our paper dolls OR view traditional clothing through books or the Internet or our country manual.

11. There are a variety of games played by children in Aruba. Learn a traditional game OR play a game that symbolizes Aruba OR play a water game OR play a game in our manual.

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