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Bermuda has over 181 islands. It has beautiful clear waters, sandy beaches, and cool ocean breezes. You have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, snorkel, Coral Reef and visit the nature reserves.

Complete 3 requirements to earn the patch. If you have visited Bermuda you probably have already earned the patch

1. Bermuda is the made up of over 150 islands. It is a string of coral islands that resemble a fish hook. Identify the capital and the flag. The Capital of Bermuda is Hamilton. The terrain in The Bermuda is mostly tropical. The currency they use is called the Bermudian dollar.
The Bermuda flag has a red background with a union flag in the left corner and the Bermuda coat of arms on the right.

2. The language in Bermuda is English, sometimes with an English accent. Though over the years they have picked up different words from the cultural people that have resided there. Try to form a phrase using Bermudian slang.

3. The Bermuda has a variety of land and sea animals. The tree frog sings and chirps at night, Bermuda fire worm that glows in the water, and humpback whales soaring in the ocean. These are just a couple of animals that live on the islands. Choose two animals to learn more about, such as what they look like and where they live. Examples include Galapagos sharks, giant toads, dolphin, marlin, swordfish, foraminifer, Portuguese man-of-war, and lizards..

4. There are over 150 caves scattered through Bermuda, some of them as low as sea level. One in particular is the crystal caves with intricate underground limestone. View caverns or caves in Bermuda on line or in books. Why do you think they are a favorite attraction that visitors to view?

5. The Gombey Dancers are well known folk artists that wear masks, capes, and peacock feathers. Their dances depict West-African tribal music with drums and whistles. They dance in parades and other folk performances. Other music in Bermuda include the bagpipe and calypso. Listen to music or watch dancers on the internet. Adults should always view content before they show videos to children.

6. There are many public holidays and festivals in Bermuda. One of the festivals celebrated is Happy Birthday to the Queen of England. Some examples of other holidays and festivals include: Bermuda Day, New Year’s Day, Somers Day, Boxing Day, or Christmas Boat Parade. Visit a cultural celebration or re-creation of a holiday event OR learn the background of the celebrated holiday or festival OR create a drawing or art project, OR prepare a food, OR create a costume to resemble a celebration.

7. Children in the Bermuda enjoy playing games such as dominos, checkers, ring toss, tic-tac-toe and various card games. Play a game that is played in the Bermuda or one that reminds you of the country.

8. A large variety of the food that is created in Bermuda and most of it was imported to the island. One of the most common foods is cassava pie dating back from 1612. Other examples include: cornmeal cakes, onion soup, fish chowder, and codfish cakes. Enjoy food, fruit drink, or try a recipe that represents the Bermuda.

9. The moongate is a popular circular architectural feature made out of coral stone. It is said that if a couple walks through the moongate holding hands that they will have happiness and luck in their marriage. Learn about architecture in Bermuda or what the moongate looks like and where it is located.

10. When you visit the Bermuda you will find a variety of items available in the market that have been crafted by hand. Examples include cedar wood carvings, ceramic pottery, seaside paintings, mini pink houses with white roofs, and dolls made of banana leaves. Create a craft that represents the Bermuda OR paint your own pottery, OR make a tiny house, seashell art, OR create an accessory.

11. When the British army was sent to India, the temperature was much hotter so they were allowed to wear shorts as part of their gear. Afterwards, the trend started to wear Bermuda shorts by everyone in Bermuda. The proper pair of shorts are about 3 inches above the knee available in a variety of colors. Learn more about Bermuda shorts, try some on or learn about other clothing worn at festivals or special events.

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