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Blue Angel Community Service Projects (2022-2023)

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This patch program was created by a silver award recipient in 2000. We have continued to host the project to help others in completing at least three community projects a year. She still assists annually to come up with ideas and projects to complete.

[3 inch square]
Complete 3 Requirements to earn this patch
Each symbol represents a community service project OR create a project of your own.

All the underlined text will take you to a new link for a patch, when you click on it.

Note: The patch program is a guideline for the symbols that are presented on the patch. You can substitute other projects that represent these symbols. Each project does not need to be completed in specific order. You can also have a community event and complete 3 projects in a day. Invite others to assist at your event. Example: Wear mismatch socks, bring a food donation, fill a stocking or shoe box, donate items, and make cards at your event.
Pinwheel-Participate in Pinwheels for Peace by creating a pinwheel showing your artistic skills and writing what peace means to you. (like: love, family, friends, etc.)

  • OR help make pinwheels with younger children, make pinwheels in the spring and give them out to the elderly homes, decorate spring or Easter baskets for those in need by adding a pinwheel. (this can be two community service projects in one--make a basket--make a pinwheel)

Sock-Join in the Million Misfit Sock March and celebrate what makes you different and take a stand against bullying-wear MISFIT SOCKS Choose any day for your group to wear mismatch socks or a day in OCTOBER for anti-bully month Mis-fit Sock Day with the matching year bar.

  • Sock soul collecting socks for the homeless OR for any organization. Any project that involves socks, catnip toys for cats, sock puppets for younger children, or host events to collect, donate or create items with socks.

Cans of food-Donate food in your community anytime during the year at the local food bank, at the local grocery store or faith organizations. You can also contact the food bank or local churches and see if you can adopt a family for Thanksgiving or holidays. You can provide them with food to create their own dinner.
  • Other ideas: Volunteer to make sandwiches or muffins/bread for shelters, cook at a shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Volunteer to sort food at food banks or churches OR host a masquerade ball or event and have everyone bring a canned food. Make sure you assign them an item from a list (so you get a variety of food).
  • For example group 1234 brings 2 can of corn each, group 4568 brings 1 box of stuffing each, etc. The food can be dropped off at the food pantry the next day or church that delivers food around the families. For extra, you can volunteer to place it on the shelves or sort the food for the families.

Gift- gifts can be given out all year long. It is a way of making someone feel appreciated, something they need, or a cheerful package.

  • Give a gift to your teacher, fire fighter, or other community workers. You can make gift boxes for women's shelters of nail care kits, scarves, or anything the shelter is accepting as gifts for the ladies. Some shelters accept gently worn clothing for them to pretend shop in the donation area for new clothing for job interviews or daily use.

  • OR Adopt a child or family around the holidays and provide them with a toy or clothing during the Holidays, participate in the Salvation Army stocking collection, send packages to soldiers. There are many lists at churches, angel trees, and shelters that you can contact in your area.

Other Options: Write a letter to Santa fulfills wishes to childen that are ill. Create a toy drive or adopt a family for the holidays. Provide pajamas for children in need. Choose a child from an angel tree or local organization that has a list of items for children, elderly, or soldiers. Create holiday cards for soldiers. Bring joy to a senior home by dropping off small gifts you collected or created.

Cards--Create Valentines for Veterans, elderly, or assist children in a Valentine craft.(remember to never sign your last name). Participate in Cardz for Kids or Letters to Ladies. Cards and letters are given out at cancer centers and hospitals.

  • Other ideas: Cards can be added to gifts around the holidays or with spring baskets. Make thank you cards for teachers, judges at events, volunteers, and people that assisted your group.
  • Older participants can host events or meetings for younger children and assist them in making cards for any occasion.

Cookies--Donate cookies Ask customers to purchase cookies from you as a donation or donate your leftovers. Some customers can't eat cookies but they may like to donate.

  • Other ideas: They accept cookies at assisted living homes, homeless shelters, after school programs, or you can create a basket and give them to someone to help cheer them up.
  • OR make cookies for a younger troop as a party, teach them how to make or sell cookies, sell homemade baked goods at a bake sale, sell fall products or cookies and use a portion of the money to complete a community service project.

Globe- Participate in the stamp ministry program that purchases books for children in other countries.

  • Send cards or shoeboxes of needed items to soldiers overseas during the holidays or anytime during the year. (Holiday cards can be mailed anytime of the year--saved for delivery) Click here to learn more.
  • Help another troop prepare for Thinking Day, donate to the thinking day fund, or host a Thinking Day or cultural event. Use one of our country manuals and teach kids about a country. (Activity sheets are included in the manual to copy for the participants.)
  • Participate in Earth Hour or Pinwheels for Peace with everyone around the world.

Books-Participate in the book fairy program and donate all your used books to someone or several books to a place in need. (grandma, assisted living homes, neighbors, teachers, etc.)

  • OR donate books to a used book store that can re purpose them or sell them to others.
  • Read stories or teach a badge or journey from their book to a younger group.
  • Older participants can host a book drive, organize it, and deliver the books. Contact churches, day care centers, shelters, foster care or salvation army if they will accept new or used books for donation.

Butterfly-Participate in any project you would like to participate in. The choice is yours.

Why is it called blue angel community service projects?
This program was created by a silver award recipient in 2000 and it has been expanded into an annual event across the country.

She volunteered many hours in her community and wanted to come up with a way that her service unit of 500 girls and 40 leaders could become move involved in the community as well.

She decided to come out with a program of 9 different projects spanning from September to May. Each troop could choose 3 projects of these nine that they thought was age appropriate for their girls.

The girls got excited about doing the community service and before she knew it all the girls wanted to participate in all the activities she presented. It was her responsibility to deliver the items collected, host events of making cards and other artistic crafts, and contact volunteers to assist. Older girls and leaders stepped forward and helped her deliver and organize the items.

Over the years, she saw the younger participants that started as collecting items for those in need grow into leading events and drives for the community. She expanded it for older girls to take the collected items from younger participants to play BINGO in nursing homes, present a masquerade ball and collect food for thanksgiving baskets, and host events that helped all the participants work on community service patches all in one day and more.

Being a blue angel teaches us to be kind and giving to others when we can. Help our fellow neighbors and grow as a person by assisting those in need. It gives you the opportunity to deliver items anonymously and blend into the blue sky as for no one to know you were there but you are left with the joy in your heart from giving and the knowledge that someone has benefited from your generosity. On the other hand, you may be a glowing delight at nursing homes, special needs children events, and cancer patients. No matter the project, you know you helped someone out there and made their day a little happier.

So what are you waiting for---start your first project and you won't want to stop. Kids like expressing themselves through art, creating gifts, and wearing mis-match socks to stomp out bullying. It's fun and rewarding.

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