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Brave and Archery Kit

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Kit for 1 Includes:

Brave patch
Life savers candy
Wooden bear craft to color
Arrow head eraser cap
Activity sheets (Create your own tartan, family tapestry and word search)

Brave and Archery patch program (complete 1 requirement)

1. Watch A TV show, movie, or televised production that follows the theme of the patch.
2. Tartan is a plaid fabric design that has a pattern of different widths and colors represented by each clan or family in Scotland. Learn more about family tartan color and patterns. Design your own pattern.
3. Read a story inspired by this patch theme.
4. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food that reflects the theme.
5. Learn more about myths, stories, or characters by watching the movie.
6. Watch a dance or song that represents Scotland.
7. Complete a craft or activity that represents the theme of the movie or a Scotland .
8. Highland Games have been played in Scotland for hundreds of years. Learn more about the activities. Did you have a favorite? Do they seem hard and require training?
9. She realizes family is important in the movie. Name an activity that you enjoy with your family.

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