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Camp Home Patch with Bar Bundle

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1. Help your parents tidy around the house while you're at "Camp Home."
2. Teach a sibling, family member, or contact your friend online to teach something new.
3. Gain more responsibility by taking care of a sibling, doing laundry, feeding a pet, or taking the trash out.
4. Research or watch the news about how this is impacting families. Help make a plan for your family.
5. Do something out of the ordinary. Example: Pretend you are camping! Make a blanket tent or pillow fort. Read a book or complete a word search in your cozy area.
6. Create a scrapbook or a memory planner. Scrapbook when you had a trip, spent time with friends, or any other memory to collect mementos. Use our Scrapbook Kits to complete this requirement.
7. Journal about your feelings. Grab a notebook and journal every day. You'll want to look back at this later.
8. Connect with a family member or friend through a device where you can see them and still connect. Check in with them and share what you're working on.
9. Pick up a new hobby. Try doing friendship bracelets, scrapbooking, sewing, puzzles, etc.
10. Finish a project you've started. Been redo your room or organize your books? Here is the time!
11. Earn a new patch or badge. Use this time to grow! Use our Patch Kits to complete this requirement.
12. Spring clean your room or house. Make piles of items you want to donate and throw away and have them ready for later.
13. Practice self care. Relax and make time for yourself. Use our "Self Care Bingo" to complete this requirement. Camp Home Patch Program accomplishment bars to be added below the patch.

An activity booklet will be provided with the purchase of your bundle.

BAR Requirements:

  • Virtual School - Complete an assignment, talk to your teacher, watch educational videos, or participate in a virtual classroom.

  • Acts of Kindness - Do a random act of kindness for someone either online or for your family or friend. Use our "Kindness Slips" for slips of ideas to put in a jar/box to complete this bar.
  • Virtual Scouting - Meet online for a virtual meeting, explore websites, learn coding, or watch informational videos. Use our Patch Kits to complete this bar.

  • Rock My Room - Redecorate, organize, or spring clean your room. Take something old and turn it into something new!

  • Movie Madness- Watch a new movie or do a movie marathon of your favorites while you're at home. Use our Troop 0, movie passport, or any other movie kits to complete this bar.
  • Fun in the Kitchen - Try a new recipe, watch a cooking show, or organize your kitchen. Use our Cookie Challenge kit to complete this bar.

  • Games - Play a familiar game, make up your own game, explore online games, or play a game with friends virtually! Grab any of our puzzles or games to complete this bar.

  • Try Something New - Complete some things that are new to you! It can be a new craft, a new TV show, a new art technique, etc. Use our "Something New" bingo sheet to complete this bar.

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