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We are taking pre-orders for the overseas camp-in patch to assist small groups to make the min order of 50 patch production. Join in the fun and place your pre-order now for the patch.

Join this worldwide camp-in for a 4-hour global event where you can choose-your-own activities to celebrate summer camp at home.


Activities include STEM, art and outdoor fun.

You can also download the activity packet to use the day of the event or with your troop and family.

The activity guide will help you and give you ideas on how to turn the Camp-In into a full-family affair!

You do NOT have to complete all the activities but choose the ones that you would like to complete.

Below are some examples of the activities available in the packet:

  • Create a tent/fort/lean-to in your home using sheets, chairs and other items to prop it up

  • Lunch and Dinner recipes to create in your home or on the grill for your camp-in

  • Conversation strips to use during meals

  • Recipes for smores and banana boats

  • Learn how to tie knots with string or yarn

  • Take a walk and go on a scavenger hunt or take outdoor photos

  • Reverse scavenger hunt list-- Things i would take camping

  • Learn about constellations and more-- Check out our space kit for more fun

  • Create a pretend fire inside with colored paper and a flashlight OR DRAW ONE

  • Sing songs

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