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Patch Details: [3 inch wide x 2 inches] 75% embroidered
Create Cardz for Kidz that are Ill

  • 2017 Dated Bar for your patch
  • Prepping for your Creating Cardz for Kidz Activity

    • Set up a time and/or location for attendees to make cards

    • Gather lightly colored cardstock or HIGH quality construction paper

    • Provide enough art supplies for participants to make at least 2 cards

    • Suggested art supplies include: markers, crayons, colored pencils, and metallic or gel pens.
      Optional: include stickers, stencils, washi tape, and foam shapes

    • Other recommend Supplies (If you click on the links on the attachment Amazon donates funds to the cause)

    • Fold the paper in half to create a card shape and have extra paper for them to create their own shape for a card and designs

    Creating your Cardz for Kidz

    • Please make your messages positive!

    • Please DO NOT write ‘Get Well Soon’ or refer to any childhood illnesses

    • Cards cannot be delivered if they refer to the children’s health status

    • Since they are sent to a variety of hospitals/homes in many places please avoid religious references

    • Please sign your cards FIRST NAME ONLY
    • Take pictures throughout the event and email them to for their website

    Suggested words to place in the card

    Mail Your Completed Cards
    Please send completed cards to:
    Cardz for Kidz!
    323 East Wacker Drive
    Chicago, IL, 60601

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