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You've got a friend in me! (Toy inspired)

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Patch Details: 2.75 inch/90% embroidered
Toy Movie Patch Program

1. Watch an toy themed movie with fun characters.

2. Attend a special themed event.

3. Create a themed craft or activity creating a toy or coloring images from toy movies.

4. Read a story about toys or friendship.

5. Create a drawing of a character from the book or movie you watched.

6. Learn more about toys and how they are created.

7. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies; western cupcakes, sparkle punch, or toy themed cookies.

8. Learn about different characters in the toy land world. What do they wear? Have you played with them before.

9. Sing a song or act out a skit with toys.

10. Help take care of your community and give to others. Donate toys to the less fortunate, have a bingo or game night with children or the elderly, help the Ronald McDonald house and donate toys or have a toy drive, create and donate blankets. The ideas are endless.

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