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World God Drawing Day

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You can complete this program any day of the year or participate on November 7th, World God Drawing Day.

Complete 5 of the following requirements to earn your official patch.

1. Read the book, “Drawing God.” Discuss with someone or write a journal post of what God or your personal belief means to you. The story is about a girl named Emma that returns from a field trip to the art museum and is inspired to draw like Picasso. Emma wanted to draw something beyond spectacular and decides to draw God. Find out what happens when her classmates can’t see God in any of her drawings until they find inspiration in her contagious faith.

2. Visit an art galley either for real or virtually. Look at the pictures and find ones that mean something to you. Why did you choose those particular pictures?

3. We can't see God Himself of course, but we can picture His love, His power, and His goodness. Find pictures of God that others have drawn. Do they look the same or different? Why do you think there are so many versions of God? Do you all “see” the same God?

4. Draw your version of God or Supreme Being. Is your God drawing human or did it take another form? Why did you choose that image?

5. Share your drawing with others who have drawn their own version. How are they the same? Different? Share your thoughts with each other or use hashtag:#drawinggod to share with the world.

6. Feel free to use the IDEA KIT, starting on page 5, to supplement or enhance one of the requirements.

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