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Wizarding World of Herbology BOOKLET

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This 12 page booklet has seed packets with the herb displayed on the front, potions, and information of what the herbs are used for. This book will assist you in earning your Herbology wizard patch.

  • Seed packets with the magical herb displayed on the front

  • Coloring instructions for each herb displayed in the book

  • Detailed information on what the herb is used for

  • Location information on where to find your herbs

  • List in the back of the book for how you can "substitute" the herb for edible items

  • Potions for healing, laughter, brain enhancement and love

  • Potions for shrinking, stronger spells, and happiness

  • List of items commonly found in an Apothecary (store that sells ingredients)

  • List of items commonly found in the classroom

Please do not try to create the potions with the real plants. Many of the plants are not edible. You can also copy the seed packet pages, cut them out, color them, and place them on bottles or jars.

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