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#10-Juliette Low Series-#10 [Spring theme][3 inch patch]

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Juliette Low at age 16, strolling through Savannah in the Spring along the cobblestone road.

Example of a requirement to earn patch:
Juliette Low encouraged all girls in scouting to be well-rounded individuals. She created a handbook in 1913 to aide them in becoming leaders, explorers, artists, and teachers. The program was built to enrich their body and mind. Complete one of your badge requirements or one of the activities from one she created.

Some examples of activities were: Outdoors Camping, bird watch, nature studies, horseback riding; Health: Exercises, cooking, games; Art: Sculpting, woodcarving, music, painting; Science: Career study, stargazing; Traveler/Patriotism: Flying, pathfinder, and patriotic songs. Complete ONE activity.[Juliette Low Series 10- Spring strolling down a cobblestone walk in Savannah, GA]

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