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Mystery# 2 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}

Our Price: $5.99

This kit includes the mysteries for the Missing Tiara, Stolen Treasure, Broken Maracas, and the Poisoned Sushi. included in the kit are board games, clue sheet, evidence findings, and a detective notebook.

You will need this kit to complete the mysteries.

MISSING TIARA-Setting in England. Solve the mystery of missing tiara in the buckingham palace. What happened to the tiara and who has it? Play the game to find out. (metallic threads are stitched on the crown.)

STOLEN TREASURE- Setting in Egypt. Suddenly the alarms goes off in the pyramid and a valuable item is missing. Use ancient Egyptian symbols to determine what is missing and who did it.

BROKEN MARACAS- Setting in Mexico. Decode the crumbled piece of paper found at the crime scene and various other clues to determine who did and what happened.

POISIONED SUSHI- Setting in Japan. Decode the Japanese Menu using the reference paper to translate the Japanese words into English. Who poisoned the sushi and how?

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