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Mystery# 3 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}

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This kit includes the mysteries for the Haunted House, Cheating Chef, Ruined Runway, and Lost Loot. Included in the kit are board games, clue sheet, evidence findings, and a detective notebook.

You will need this kit to complete the mysteries.
HAUNTED HOUSE- Why is the house haunted and who is being haunted? Can you solve the mystery before it is too late....

CHEATING CHEF-This mystery is a chef competition that is cooking off for the title of Master Chef. The rules are specific that all items need to be created with fresh ingredients. One chef tries to pass off frozen food to the judges for their entry. Solve the mystery of who is the cheating chef.

RUNINED RUNWAY- Four designers are in a competion to win the cover of Glamtop magazine and 100,000 for their own line of clothing. Who ruined the runway show? Use the fingerprints, scissor patterns, and much more to determine the suspects.

LOST LOOT- The ship of Blackbeard pirate has been found in a shallow area located off an island in North Carolina. Read Blackbeard's riddle and follow his pirate map to solve the mystery of the lost loot.

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