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Mystery# 4 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}

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In order to complete the I Solved A Mystery Patch Program, Series 4, you will need to use this kit. The items in this kit can be copied for the participants. Make copies of the detective notebook for all the participants so they can take notes and place their items all in one place. For extra they can place a photo inside or their thumbprint. Make sure everyone has their name on their notebook.

Mystery of the Slippery Surfboard is located in Hawaii, island of Oahu. A surfing contest is taking place on the North Shore. Solve the mystery of who tampered with the surfing wax.

The mystery of the Tainted Truck is located in Haiti Solve the mystery of who vandalized the local tap tap truck.

Mystery of the Missing Mask is located in The Bahamas. Solve the mystery of who stole the mask for the big upcoming festival contest.

The Mystery of the Taken Tiki is located in Tahiti. Someone takes a hand carved tiki from the art show. Who did it and why?

The Mystery of the Stolen Scarf is located in Jamaica. Someone steals a unique handmade scarf.

The Mystery of the Fake Fish is located in Fiji. Someone steals a painting and replaces it with a fake fish painting.

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