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Mystery# 1 I Solved the Mystery! KIT {paper copy}

Our Price: $5.99

Be a detective and solve the mystery in our kit.

This kit includes items to solve the mystery of the Missing Horse, Stolen Panda, and President's Watch. Included in all mystery kits are board games, clue cards, detective clues and mysterious writings to interpret.

MISSING HORSE-Use Native American symbols to decode the ransom note left for the valuable horse.

MISSING PANDA-The panda is missing in the Washington, DC zoo. Who stole it and where is the panda? Play the game to find out where the panda is.

PRESIDENTS WATCH- Polly was invited to dinner at the White House. During her visit the President's watch comes up missing. Help find the watch, who did it, and why. Play the game to find out.

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