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Medieval Merriment Kit

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Discover the life of kings, queens, and knights. Research foods, clothing and games of the medieval times. All the information to answer all the requirements are included in this kit.


Our kit offers an interactive book to learn and create at the same

It is reproducible for your group.

levels need to only complete 3 requirements

What time period is considered the medieval period or middle ages? Where
did this time period take place? Define two the following words to discover
more about the medieval time period. Coat of arms, accolade, herald, catapult,
troubadour, and trencher.

Becoming a knight is a great honor. Research the different levels of knighthood.
What does the different colors of clothing represent that they wear? Locate
the meaning of two of the following words: joust, dubbing, lance, chivalry,
armor or chivalry. For extra create a picture of a knight during his accolade
or make a poster of the levels of knighthood.

Knights always needed to be protected when they went to battle. Research
some of the armor and weapons of the medieval times. Examples are: mail,
flail, suit of armor, shield, sword, battle ax, spur, mace, or arrows.
For extra you can design your own coat of arms or shield.

Where do you think the knights, royal family, and of course, the princesses
live? Well, they lived in large castles that were surrounded by moats.
Find out more about the construction of the castle. What is a moat, watchtower
and drawbridge used for? What part of the castle did the royal family
live in? For extra find out more about the construction of the castle
or create an art project representing one.

After a wedding or grand celebration the royal family would usually have
a feast or banquet in the great hall of the castle. There would be magicians,
dancers, singers to entertain the guests. Prepare your own feast and take
turns creating entertainment by expressing your talents. Examples of food
served: fruits, jelly molded into shapes, vegetables, milk, bread, and
grape juice. You can also use goblets and trenchers.

The clothes, headwear, or jewelry that the people wore during the medieval
time period informed other people what class they belonged to. Choose
one class to learn more about such as serfs, nobles, princess, jugglers,
panter, ewerer, or king. For extra create a picture, headwear or piece
of jewelry representing a your research.

Many writings and books were carefully decorated with beautiful pictures
or designs in a variety of colors called illumination. These designs help
tell the story in the book and keep it interesting to the readers. Create
a picture or story using some of the six basic designs that were used
in this time period: such as animals, leaves, berries, geometric designs
or fancy lettering.

Board games such as checkers, foxes and geese and chess were favorites
among the children and adults. Other games or toys that were played by
the children were blind man's bluff, horseshoes, dolls and hobby horses.
Choose an activity to play.

Medieval towns were small settlements outside the gates of the castles.
The streets were not paved and usually made of cobblestone. Outside the
shops were signs representing their trade, such as boot for a shoemaker;
thread for a seamstress etc. What is a guild? Create sign that represents
a shop or guild during the medeivel time period.

During the middle ages there was a beginning of holidays and celebrations.
Some that are still celebrated. Research one of the celebrations such
as May Day; jousting tournament; trade fairs; Easter; or Christmas. For
extra create a craft representing that celebration.

Many beautiful churches or cathedrals were built during the medieval times.
The windows were made of stained glass. They told or acted out a biblical
story for those who could not read. Create a picture or stain glass window
to represent this time period.

Research a famous person from the Medieval times and learn 2 things about
one. Examples: King Arthur, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Leonardo Da Vinci,
or Sir Lancelot. For extra: Create a project depicting a famous person
or watch a movie. You can also learn one of their traits, such as archery
or horseback riding.

Some common pastimes for girls or ladies in the middle ages was homemade
pottery, headdresses of flowers, jewelry, decorating hats, candlestick
making and heirloom boxes. Create a craft representing the middle ages.

Several people in the middle ages could not read, therefore they told
stories with musical instruments. Listen to a medieval story, play an
instrument or create an instrument to play.

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