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Hanging with my Peeps****2020

List Price: $1.75
Our Price: $1.35
You save: $0.40 (23%)

Hanging with my Peeps Patch Program (2.50 INCH PATCH -95% EMBROIDERED)

You can also purchase a kit for this patch:
Hanging with my peeps patch 2020
Hanging with my peeps KIT for 1 (add to your kit for 10 or purchase for less than 10

Choose one item to do with your Peeps.

1. Hang with your peeps
2. Create arts and crafts.
3. Bake or create a snack.
4. Compete in a competition or enter a contest.
5. Attend an event with peeps.
6. Participate in a spring event.
7. Complete community service of your choice.
8. Make spring treat baskets for those in need. (Example: assisted living, homeless shelters..)
9. Decorate or participate in an scavenger hunt.
10. Design your own candy or create smores or sugary treats.
11. Decorate a spring themed card and deliver it to someone special.

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