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Wizarding World of SPAtacular BOOKLET

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This 12 page booklet has over 20 recipes that will assist you in creating SPAtacular potions and concoctions to earn your wizard patch.

  • Natural Facial Masks for all skin types (oily, dry, sensitive, combination, and normal)

  • Glittery, fruity, chocolate, and Butterbeer lip gloss

  • Honey, peppermint, chocolate, lemon scrubs

  • Foot soak

  • Yule Ball Body Glitter

  • Draught of Peace soaking salts (in a rainbow of colors)

  • Relaxing drinks like butterbeer, pumpkin, and polyjuice

  • Slippery Slushies like Booberry and Orange Slicy

  • Amorhabeto self esteem/love yourself for who you are bubbly potion

  • A Milky Shakey Chocolate Dreamy Drink

  • Mesmerizing Drink that changes colors before your eyes

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