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Stem patch {4 inch X 1 inch tall}

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STEM patch {4 inch X 1 inch tall}

Some activities to assist you in earning the patch

1. Participate in any STEM activity, tour, or event.
2. You can take a field trip to an air and space museum or any other science inspired museums or activity centers.
3. Create potions or experiments using simple items found in the home or at school.
4. Blow bubbles, make ice cream, melt chocolate, static electricity, chemical reactions, make lip gloss, and electric currents are just a few items that relate to science.
5. Learn about careers or participate in a program that tour booths of STEM related activities. Check out your local area and see if they are hosting an event to attend.
6. Learn more technology skills. Example digital photography, website designs, how to use a computer, and graphic art. Choose something related to your age level.
7. Enhance your math skills. You can play games online, make flash cards, problem solving games, or attend a math related event.
8. Attend an escape game. They have puzzle solving, measurement, math, and teamwork activities. Everyone can assist in the area they are best at.
9. Use your engineer skills and create your own game on paper or on the computer.
10. Design a product that can assist you in your daily life or solve a problem.
11. Complete a community service project using your STEM skills.
12. Create your own requirement to earn this patch!

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