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**Thinking Day 2021 KIT (BUNDLE #2)

List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $9.99
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All items listed are placed in this bundle
Items Included:

    17 swaps (see below information about swaps)
  • Thinking Day patch (dated 2021) 95th Anniversary

  • Thinking Day 95th Anniversary Lanyard (great to hang swaps on)

  • Plastic Pocket (4x6)attaches to lanyard(holds 4X6 passport)

  • Passport (Color cover and color passport stamp stickers--20 pages) Room to add more passport stamps

  • International GIRL PATCH (choose country below from country swap list)

  • Gingerbread craft--representing Germany country

  • Mask Craft- Brazil country

  • Werther's German Hard Candy taster

  • English tea taster

  • Italian BINGO sheets

  • Who am I? Australian animal cards

  • SEVENTEEN activity sheets (1) per country (games, calligraphy, hidden pictures, matching etc.)

  • World Map showing location of countries on continents

  • Custom 95th Anniversary sticker (place in passport or scrapbook)

  • 17 Swaps: (Choose a country girl from the below countries for your kit)

  • Ghana: Giraffe
  • Hong Kong: fan
  • Bahamas: palm tree
  • Canada: Snow Castle
  • Russia: Russia doll
  • Germany: Gingerbread (person or house)
  • Mexico: Monarch butterfly (color yourself)
  • France: Eiffel tower
  • Brazil: Mask
  • Portugal:blue tile (color yourself)
  • Spain: rose
  • Greece: international game theme image
  • Australia: Boomerang (color yourself)
  • Italy: pasta
  • Bolivia: Llama
  • China: bear shaped bead
  • England- Gold crown
  • (kit with beads, string, and 17 safety pins to add to any swap you want)

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