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Traveling Apron

Our Price: $1.75

How do I get started?

First, gather your group or family to participate in the spread the bread project, by making some bread for someone in need.

How do get an apron ?

Purchase your own apron at a local store OR order one online from us.

What do I do with the apron?

Have everyone that participated in making the bread sign the apron--or decorate it with a bread expression--art, or whatever feels right:) (not required) Have fun and pass the apron to another group that wants to make bread for the needy and sign the traveling apron.

What happens when the apron is signed, front and back, and completely cover in bread signatures/fun?

If you are participating in a large neighborhood or service unit event. You can have a drawing for the apron after your event.

If you would like to send it back to the Spread the Bread organization, they will randomly select a person and they will receive the apron as a gift.

Please mail the completed apron to the following address:

Spread the Bread
24 Happy Hollow Road
Wayland, Massachusetts 01778

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