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Vintage ARTISTIC Scouting Skills Kit

Our Price: $5.99

This 62 page book includes artistic crafts and activity sheets for Sculpture and 3D Art, information about famous sculptures and mediums used for 3-D art; Art of Painting, information about famous artists, painting and drawing tools; Art of Music, information about Music genres, instruments, songs, and crafts.

Art of Sewing and Weaving, information about different sewing stitches, sewing crafts, different types of fabrics, how to thread a sewing machine, and weaving crafts; Resourceful Design, information about recycling items into something new; Fashion and the Art of Design, information about fashion styles, community service ideas, accessories to create, and clothing to create or decorate; Art of Woodwork, information about the different steps for a carpentry project and wood project crafts.

Activity Sheets and Craft Templates, templates to design your own clothing, decorative sheet for stationary or to write a poem, Artist Card Game, decorated journal template, wood tool match game, and a template for the rag doll.

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