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Wizarding World of Astronomy [laser cut]

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Students in wizard school study the stars and planets through their telescopes in Astronomy lessons located in the high tower. Discover the enjoyment of the Wizarding world of Astronomy. Learn about planets, constellations, stars, the moon and outerspace.

Choose 1 requirement from the patch program.

Purchase this patch if you have explored space in school, went to a planetarium or space museum. You can also earn it through the internet, books or any other function involving astronomy or outer space.

1. Discover more about the solar system. Choose one planet to learn more about, such as the color, size, and distance from the sun. For extra make a picture of the solar system.

2. Star patterns are called constellations. Choose a constellation to learn more about. Where it is located and its pattern in the sky. For extra credit draw the pattern on a piece of paper.

3. Learn the definition two vocab astronomy words from your wizard school book. Examples include gravity, orbit, core, crater, solar, eclipse, aurora, observatory, NASA, or black hole.

4. Learn how to use a telescope. What did you see when you looked inside?

5. Take a field trip to learn more about astronomy or outer space by visiting a planetarium, air and space museum, or exhibit that is astronomy related.

6. The moon orbits the earth. As it orbits the earth it projects different phases or shapes in the sky. How many days does it take to orbit the earth? For extra, learn more about the moon’s temperature and coloring.

7. What is a shooting star? Create a colorful design on paper.

8. Go star gazing and see if you can find constellations or view the moon. What did you see and what was the shape of the moon?

9. Learn how to read a star map or create one of your own by drawing items on it.

10. Complete your own booklet or study guide about astronomy. You can place pictures, drawings, vocab and lots of other items in it to help you pass your Astronomy OWL exam.

11. Create an art activity that represents astronomy. Lace up constellation cards, solar system poster, constellation design, or a picture you created of outerspace.

12. Create your activity that represents astronomy and helps you with your studies.

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