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Wizarding World of Patronus and Pets

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Learn more about magical pets and different patronus animals. You can earn this even if you don't have a pet.

LASER CUT. Complete one requirement to earn the patch.

1. Patronus means defender or protector in latin. Take a quiz or play a game to learn what your patronus or animal charm is.

2. You are off to wizarding school. Make a list of three animals that can be your pet. Choose one pet. What will you name it? Where will it sleep? Does it have a special power? Examples of pets: owl, snail, dog, cat, rat, or hamster. For extra, take a quiz on what pet you should choose or complete a pet permit for school. Permit and quiz located in booklet

3. Make treats or purchase treats or items for animals. You can donate them to shelters, neighbors, or make a basket and deliver it to vet hospital. Examples: blankets, toys, beds, food, litter, etc. Ask your local shelter what they would like you to donate or vet hospital what would be a great get well basket for animals.

4. Create a potion or spell that is related to animals or pets. Examples: Shrinking spell, color changing, behavior or patronus spell. Potions and Spells are located in the booklet

5. Create or enjoy food representing a pet or animal theme. Examples include: cupcakes with white frosted animal crackers on top (represent patronus), owl cookies, magic wands, (chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles), potion punch, chocolates shaped like a bone (chocolate mold), paw prints on cupcakes or brownies (draw with icing colors) magic beans, cookies, and a savory spaghetti noodles severed in a cauldron.

6. Play games or create activities representing a pet or patronus theme. Examples include: stuffed animal pass, similar to hot potato; charades; hide animal cards or stuffed animals; mazes on paper or an obstacle course; animal bingo; OR a scavenger hunt of magical related items.

7. Create a craft that represents a magical animal or pet. Examples: Create pygmy puff made from pom poms, owl puppet from a paper bag or sock, foam shape craft, design your own accessory for a pet on paper, coloring sheets of pets, potion containers, or animal toy.

8. Adopt an animal through an organization or donate money to help animals. You can adopt an animal from WWF or other related animal organizations. Your donation can help an animal feel better, improve their environment, or keep them healthy. You can also volunteer at a local horse or animal refugee and help them feed or groom the animals. A donation will be made for you to adopt a snowy owl on paper when you purchase the kit. Certificate and card about the owl is also included in the kit.

9. Wands up! Your patronus is your protector--but you can be a protector to others and stand up against bullying. Participate in a program or activity that promotes anti-bullying. Examples: Wear mis-match socks to stop bullying, make posters, or participate in a program as school.

10. Design your own pet bed, room, or accessory on paper. Examples: bedazzled collar, furry dog bed, seashore theme aquarium for frog or snail, or a fun ferris wheel for hamster.

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