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Wizarding World of Spells and Potions [LASER CUT]

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Learn more about Spells and Potions. Through the creation of books and movies, potions have been used to put people to sleep, assist them to fly, or become invisible.


Choose 1 requirement to earn from the below patch program.

1. Potions: Create your own pretend potion in a container, label it, list the ingredients, and determine what it affect it will have on the person that drinks it. List your ingredients uniquely such as grape soda is purple toad juice. Examples of potions: Water and blue drink, (invisibility), fruit punch, gummy worms and lemonade (shape shifter) potion.

2. Experiment: Many wizards use science as a way to present tricks or teach about science. Try an experiment OR science activity that feels or seems like magic. You can use our Potions and spells booklet OR "Experimenting with Science" kit for fun experiments to try. Examples include: Eggs that float, candy flashes, colorful raindrops, create slime, and mind games.

3. Spells and Such: Over the years magical items have assisted magicians, sorcerers, witches, and wizards in completing spells or transforming things. Choose one item and learn what it was used for. Such as brooms, wands, spell books, mirrors, clothing, boxes, stones, hats, and quills.

4. It's Magic: Attend a magical event or watch a movie to view potion bottles or learn about different spells or potions.

5. Wands: Create or purchase your own wand. Write or try your own pretend spell or potion.

6. Food and Crafts: Create a craft or food that represents the magic world or character. Examples: Create tiaras, wizard hat cupcakes, spider cookies, shields, potion book, castle from a large cardboard box, spider webs, potion containers, or flower wreath.

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