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Wizarding World of Quests [laser cut]

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Learn more about different quests and adventures, and much more!
LASER CUT/IRON ON. Complete one requirement to earn the patch.

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1. Watch a wizard movie or show that represents a quest. It could be learning potions, playing games, going through mazes, winning team tournaments, going on an adventure/wizard school OR any other quest like adventure.

1. Castle: Create your own castle, color a castle, learn about different parts of a castle OR create a potion or concoction that you would create in a castle.

2. Broom: Play a game or learn more about what wizards use brooms for or watch a movie/show using a broom in a magical way.

3. Cup : Have a team competition for a golden cup or read a book, watch a movie OR show that has wizard games or tournaments.

4. Train: Learn about different magical transportation items that wizards use by reading a book, watching a movie or show OR take a train ride on a quest of your own.

5. Magical Places: Locations around the world are sometimes considered magical or give good luck to those that visit and perform certain tasks. Some are magical due to historical reasons and some are from myths. Learn about OR visit a magical place or attend a magical themed event. Examples include: Castles, The Enchanted Forest, Germany; Sorcerer's Castle in Switzerland; Cinderella's® castle; and Blarney Stone, Ireland.

6. Magical items: Over the years magical items have assisted wizards in quests for training animals, potions and spells. Choose one item and learn what it was used for. Such as brooms, wands, spell books, maps, suitcases, boxes, stones, hats, and quills.

7. Scavenger Hunt: Use a map and go on a quest through a maze, scavenger hunt, or hike in the woods.

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