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Shoeman Water Shoes
Community Service Patch Program

Watch this educational video of the creation of the water well from the donation of your shoes:

Official site of the Shoeman Water Shoes:

This is a great project. Your used shoes can create water for the families and communities in Kenya, South America, and Haiti.

Why should we collect shoes?

  • The secondhand shoes are a valuable product for street vendors to sell at affordable prices.
  • Funds generated from the selling of the shoes provide well drilling rigs, water purification systems, and hand pump repair. People who thirst receive fresh drinking water.
  • The people that purchase the shoes are those who do not have shoes and cannot afford to purchase new shoes.
  • The shoes protect the new owner’s feet from foot abrasions, parasites and mites.

How Can You Help?

You can bring shoes to the shoeless and water to the thirsty by making a shoe donation.

Follow the below patch program to earn your patch.

1) Host a Shoe Drive or collect within your group! Use the easy online form to request a shoe drive kit, print a donation tax receipt for your records, and get started today!

2) Start collecting your change or have a donation jar at your shoe drive to pay for the postage to mail the shoes to Missouri. You can also choose to donate a portion of your group funds to pay for the postage. If you live in Missouri, drop them off at one of the local drop offs.

3) Collect the shoes from family and friends. Gather the shoes you no longer wear and pair them by tying laces together or putting a rubber band around them.

4) Make sure the shoes you collect are in good condition. The shoes must be in good condition without holes. No dirt on the shoes.

Any style of shoe is needed – from high heels to tennis shoes to flip flops.

5)Locations collecting: Click here for locations of drop offs or mail them to the headquarters at the following address:
Shoeman Water Projects
1603 Manufacturers Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

If you collected a large quantity of shoes, over 10,000, and don’t see a location near you, please call them at 877-709-SHOE (7463). They may be able to find a way to pick up your shoes!

6) After you have shipped or dropped off your shoes in Missouri then you can order your patch for participating in this wonderful project.

  • Please note: In order to assist and make this project successful the shoes need to get to the Shoeman Water Projects in Missouri.

Ideas on how to get started:

You can offer the participants a tax receipt for their donations of shoes to this cause. Click here for the receipt to print for your records.

  • Involve the members of any organization or clubs you may belong to start a shoe drive. Also have the participants collect their change to donate for shipping to Missouri. If you are local then you can drop them off at one of their locations. Click here for locations of drop offs.
  • If you are a teacher, scout leader, day care provider. use this as a project for your children to challenge them to collect as many shoes in good condition but can be used. Offer a certificate for the most collected. It can also assist them in math skills by counting the shoes.
  • Ask you local churches if they are collecting shoes for this cause or if you can place a box in the foyer to collect shoes for those in need.
  • Have everyone bring in their change or funds they collect in a month for the cause to assist in paying for the shipping or to make a donation in the name of your organization.
  • Have an event and ask them to donate shoes.


Item#: Shoe-Water: $1.50
Item#: Rock-13: $1.00
Item#: Rock-14: $1.00

A portion of the funds collected will be used for postage to mail shoes to the Shoeman Projects in Missouri.

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