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Patchwork Designs, Inc.
has had ALL of its Embroidered Emblem Manufacturing Materials tested by an approved independent testing Laboratory including All Thread, Fabrics, backings, and has passed all of the tests for the below harmful chemicals.

2009 Consumer Products Safety Act re. Lead & Phthalate DBP, DDP & DEHP in Product Contents.


Welcome to Patchwork Designs, Incorporated. We create embroidered patches, patch programs, activity kits, and embroidered merchandise for scouting, schools, historical buildings, museums, organizations, and special events.

Change 4 Change
Community Service Patch Program

Patch #CHANGE : $1.55


Patch #Rocker20 : $1.00

2020 Rocker

There are SIX easy steps to complete this program.
1. Choose a cause or organization you want to collect or save your change for.
2. Start with a clean jar and collect your change.
3. Set a date to turn the money in.
4. Set a location to turn the container in. [meeting, event, etc.]
5. Send all your donations to the organization you chose in a form of check or money order.
6. Purchase your patch for participating.

1. Each person participating starts with an empty clean container or jar to collect their change from family and friends. Place the label that is provided on the below link to place on their container. [they are not to go door to door and solicit for donations, due to safety reasons] ++Groups can also place containers at schools, classrooms, events, etc. as long as the facility approves the project.

CLICK HERE for labels to place on your jar. Print them on avery labels or paper and tape them on your jar.

2. Purchase your patch for participating.

3. Set a date that the change will be turned into your group, troop, or organization. [this could be 3-6 months, don't have it be too long as they will forget about it] You could also give prizes to the top collectors of your group.

4. Have a location that they will turn the container in at. A dance, meeting, or event.

Once the money is collected then the organization, family, or group can:

OPTION ONE: Write one check per group that participated . If you have checks in your jar already they can be included in the batch with your group. Make sure that checks are made payable to the organization you are donating it to.

OPTION TWO: Donate your money online at their site. Please note if someone in your group donates money on line and you are competing for a prize they can place the confirmation of the donation in the jar, for when it is counted. Website for donations and information:

OPTION THREE: Your group can purchase gift cards for the cancer patients/families and mail them to the organization. Most needed cards are for: Gift cards for gas, groceries, and

OPTION FOUR: Your group can collect change and purchase or create items on the wish list for the cancer patients/families. Handmade Blankets created from fleece and fringed, are always needed.

Send all donations to the organization you chose to assist.


Patch #CHANGE : $1.55

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