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Learn more about the Children's Carnival, tropical fruits, and dolphins.


1. The Bahamas is the made up of about 700 islands. Located near the islands are over 2,000 cays. Many of the islands are uninhabited. Identify the capital and the flag.

2. The language in The Bahamas is English. Though over the years they have picked up different words from the cultural people that have resided there. Try to form a phrase using Bahamian slang.

3. The Bahamas has a variety of land and sea animals. The utis, about the size of a rabbit, and the hutia, similar to a guinea pig are native to the islands. Choose two animals to learn more about, such as what they look like and where they live. Examples include green sea turtles, dolphin, Cuban parrot, flamingo, iguana, and stingrays.

4. In the 1600’s pirates lived on the islands of The Bahamas. According to the stories passed down Blackbeard had Fort Nassau as his headquarters. Other pirates that lived there were Anne Bonney, Mary read, Calico Jack and William Kidd. Complete a pirate craft, have a treasure hunt, learn pirate slang or more about pirates.

5. Artists across the islands have assisted in painting public murals and creating many paintings. Some of these paintings have been shown in museums located in the United States. Research an artist from the Bahamas, create an art project, craft or paint a mural on paper.

6. When you visit the Bahamas you will find a variety of items available in the market that have been crafted by hand. Examples include wood carvings, batik cloth, seashell art, ceramic pottery, straw bags, hats, baskets, dolls and mats. Create a craft that represents the Bahamas OR paint your own pottery, OR decorate a straw hat, make a sarong out of batik or tie-dye cloth, seashell art, OR create an accessory.

7. The Bahamians enjoy singing and dancing to musical folktales. They have myths or morals in part of the song. They also have goombay music played with bongos, maracas, rattles, cowbells, and flutes. Other music includes Rake’N’Scrape, reggae, and calypso. Read a myth, story or legend, OR play or create a musical instrument, OR listen, dance, or play music from the Bahamas.

8. Children in the Bahamas enjoy playing games such as dominos, checkers, warri, and various card games. Play a game that is played in the Bahamas or one that reminds you of the country.

9. A large variety of the food that is created in Bahamas is due to what is grown on the islands. It is also influenced to the large variety of cultural cuisine that represents the people that reside there. Some examples include: grits, cassava, corn, sweet potatoes, cornmeal cakes, tropical fruit and seafood. Enjoy food, fruit drink, or try a recipe that represents the Bahamas.

10. Colorful decorative clothing in the Bahamas is mainly worn for dances or special occasions. Sarong skirts of batik or tie dye design are popular for daily use due to the tropical weather. The most popular costume is worn during the Junkanoo festival. They wear masks, hats, and a variety of other colorful elements such as plastic gems, beads, and satin sashes. Try on clothing from the Bahamas, or create a sarong skirt, decorate flip flops, decorate a mask or create an outfit that represents the Junkanoo festival, color paper dolls of the clothing, view traditional clothing or costumes through books or the internet.

11. There are many public holidays and festivals in Bahamas. One of the most popular festivals is Junkanoo where they dress up in costumes and parade through the streets. Some examples of other holidays and festivals include: Whitmonday, Boxing Day, Goombay Summer Festival, Pineapple festival, or Discovery Day. Visit a cultural celebration or re-creation of a holiday event OR learn the background of the celebrated holiday or festival OR create a drawing or art project, OR prepare a food, OR create a costume to resemble a celebration.

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