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Bangladesh Historically Speaking Patch

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Learn more about the Pink Palace, the revolving restaurant in Chandgaon, Chittagong, sea beaches, and much more. If you have represented this country for Thinking Day, you have earned this patch.


1. Bangladesh is located in South Asia. It is bordered by India and Burma. View an outline of a Bangladesh country map and its Capital.

2. Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh. It is an ancient language derived from Sanskrit. Learn some words or slang that is spoken in Bangladesh.

3. A Children’s Cultural group of Music brings music and dance to their country and also travel the world sharing their culture at events. Adults also partake in dances. Popular dances are Monipuri and Santal. Bangladesh songs like jari and shari are played with the dances to enhance the performance. Watch a dance OR listen to music OR sing a song OR learn more information about a dance from Bangladesh and try your own moves OR watch a video on line.

4. Rice is served everyday and tea is the most popular drink. A large variety of people also eat fish with a spicy sauce. Other foods they enjoy are Bata Ne Tameta, Jalebi (similar to funnel cake), Macher Kafta Curry, Falooda (dessert), Bhapa Pitha (rice cakes), Kumra Bhorta, Doi Anaras Delight Drink, and Caramel Pudding. Try a recipe, food, or drink from Bangladesh.

5. Festivals and Holidays are important to the Bangladesh people. They can celebrate their cultures and traditions with family and friends. Learn about festivals in Bangladesh, go to a festival, participate in one, OR complete a craft that represents a festival OR create a decorated elephant on paper OR create chalk Alpana designs. Examples include: Independence Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Holi, Nobonno Utshob, Children’s Day, Ramadan, Rabindra and Nazrul Jayanti Day.

6. Legends and stories are passed down for many years through the generations. Many of the stories have mythical heroes and educational endings. Read a story, legend, OR listen to a legend or play OR decorate stationary to write a story or poem on.

7. Cycle rickshaw transportation is powered by the person peddling the bike and transporting the person in the buggy. Find out more about rickshaw transportation. How many people can it transport. View the different decorations they place on them or color a picture of a rickshaw.

8. Bengal tigers is the national animal of Bangladesh and are found only in Asian countries. They are considered an endangered species. They also have a variety of beautiful flowers that grow there. Choose an animal OR flower from Bangladesh to learn more about OR complete a craft about animals or flowers. Examples include: Lotus flower, kadam flower, leopards, tigers, deer, apes, monkeys, and Asian elephants.

9. Bangladesh is one of the top five supplier of cotton garments. There other handicrafts include weaving of jute and silk threads, embroidery, yarn work, pottery, wooden items, glass, and metal items. Create a craft or project using a traditional a skill OR jewelry OR observe someone creating a handicraft OR a traditional craft from Bangladesh.

10. Traditional clothing for women of Bangladesh are saris. Saris are a long piece of cloth that is several feet long that you wrap around your body worn with a short top underneath. They also wear head coverings from sheer fabric that matches their sari. Some henna can be seen on hands and feet that are also adorned with anklets and bangles. For special occasions, they beautiful head ornaments that hang on your forehead. For work, men usually wear pants and a button up shirt to go into the city. Color or draw a picture of the clothing, dress up in a sari, create an accessory, practice henna with waterproof markers, complete our paper dolls OR view traditional clothing through books or the internet or our manual.

11. The Ahsan Manjil or Pink Palace that is located on the patch was completed in 1859 and made the official residence of Nawabs of Dhaka. In 1992, it became the National Museum. Find out more about the pink palace or other structures located in Bangladesh. Examples include: Shabash Bangladesh Sculpture, Bara Katra, Rose Garden Palace, Tajhat Palace, Taj Mahal Bangladesh [replica from India].

12. There are a variety of games that played in Bangladesh by children. Learn a traditional game OR play a game that symbolizes Bangladesh’s customs or culture OR play a game in our manual. Some examples include: Chakka, Jo Jo, Kabaddi or Sleeping Tigers.

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