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Belgium Patch

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Learn about the Grand Place, Binche, french fries, and belgium waffles.


1. Belgium is located in Europe and is about the size of Rhode Island. It is bordered by Germany, France, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Identify Belgium's flag, currency, and capital.

2. The people in Belgium are known to speak three different languages according to the region the live in. In the northern region they speak Flemish, a version of the Dutch language, near the east German is spoken and in the south they speak French. Learn how to count to ten or some words in one of the languages.

3. Jan van Eyck was known as one the best European painters in the 16th century. In addition, Lacemaking is an ancient skill that is still practiced today. They use this skill to create cloth, clothing, gloves, and tablecloths. Complete a craft, paint a picture, learn more about the art created in Belgium or the artists.

4. There is a variety of beautiful and unique pieces of architecture located in Belgium. Some of the buildings date back over 1,000 years old. The grand palace that is located on the patch has a "flower carpet" set up in front with a beautiful design created by flowers. Learn more about a building, landmark, or piece of architecture located in Belgium OR re-create the image on paper or 3-D art form OR draw a picture or create an art project resembling it. Examples include: Atomium, Mannekin Pis, Cathedral of Our Lady, Grand Palace, and the Saxophone statue.

5. Belgium was famous for its puppet theaters and unique puppets. They also created comic strips and cartoons such as "Tin Tin". Create a puppet, watch a show, OR draw a comic strip or cartoon.

6. Belgium has many restaurants, small carts, offering a large variety of foods and sweets to eat. Try a food from Belgium, create your own waffle, taste test chocolate or create a recipe. Examples include: Belgian waffles, frites, chocolate milk, and buns.

7. There are many public holidays and festivals in Belgium. Some examples of holidays and festivals include: Armistice Day, Christmas, Ypres Cat Festival, Lenten festival, New Year's Day, May Day, Easter, and Ommegang. Visit a cultural celebration or re-creation of a holiday event OR learn the background of the celebrated holiday or festival OR create a drawing or art project, OR prepare a food, OR create a costume to resemble a celebration.

8. Traditional clothing in Belgium is worn for dances or special occasions. They have a design that is similar to the Dutch, German, or French folk clothing. Women and girls wear a shawl, long sleeve shirt, and a full long skirt with a ruffle at the bottom. The color of the skirt, shawl and headdress will differ according to the area of Belgium they are from. Men typically wear long pants and a full smock top. Try on clothing from Belgium, make a shawl, color our paper dolls, create an accessory, or view traditional clothing through books or the internet.

9. Children in Belgium enjoy a variety of games and toys. Some common games are chocolate factory, hunter and rabbits, or bee. Play a game that is played in Belgium or one that reminds you of the country.

10. Legends and storytelling are a part of the Belgium culture. Read a story or folktale about Belgium OR learn more about storytelling OR the characters in a story OR write your own story or act out a play OR help make props for a play.

11. The people in Belgium have a large range of hobbies and clubs that they participate in. Some of the popular hobbies are gardening, stamp collecting, making models of cars and planes, train and antique collectors. Start a hobby OR talk about hobbies OR learn about collecting hobbies OR help someone with their hobby. For extra, collect your stamps and donate them to good cause like the Stamp Ministry.

12. Belgium has several national parks and reserves that have over a hundred different birds, flowers, and endangered animals. Learn more about two animals OR flowers OR birds that reside in Belgium, such as where they live or what they look like. Examples are: badgers, lily of the valley, marten, ostrich, storks, and lapwings. .

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