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Princess Scout Patch [silver Crown]

Our Price: $2.00

What is a Princess Scout? Someone who does good things for others and looks to better themselves on the inside. Learn 12 attributes you can enhance or gain. [IRON ON/ laser cut crown] There are also certificates.

All ages need to only complete ONE REQUIREMENT. Complete a requirement every year to earn the next year bar.

This program was derived from the following meaning: Princess: An individual regarded as having the status or qualities of a princess. Sets out to do good things and helps the less fortunate and others in their community. Scout: A person out to bring in good tiding to others and better themselves inside. Someone who can find paths through unexplored territory.

MOTTO: "Do not let anyone make you think less of yourself. You are a princess, a wonderful person, and you always will be."

Every girl and woman is a princess, young, old, rich or poor. But remember, just because you are a princess doesn't mean you are any better than anyone else. It simply means you believe in yourself and that you will try to be the best person you can be. A true princess will always befriend all her fellow sisters. She will lend a helping hand to her neighbors, family and friends.

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