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Troop 0- We Are Here

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Patch Details: 2 X 3 inch patch 85% embroidered

Choose the activity kit for 10 to earn the patch. (10 patches, 3 bags of Popcorn, 10 misfit anti-bullying stickers, and 10 mini activity patches with activity sheets) Popcorn can be subbed for smarties

KIT FOR 1 or add to 10 pack (1 free bag of popcorn will be added per quantity of 3)

No one wanted them in their scout troop, so they created their own troop. They earned badges, went camping and participated in the Jamboree talent show in hopes of winning the prize of having their voice on the Voyager record that will go to outer space.

1. Watch a scout troop themed movie.

2. Attend a special event that is troop related.

3. Earn an activity patch or complete one requirement from a badge. Some activities that were completed were Cookies, Wildlife, and Looking Good. BADGE KITS

4. Participate in an activity that prevents bullying. Sock March is an annual activity that stomps out bullying.

5. Their troop bonded together when they worked as a team. Gather together as a group or troop and complete a team activity. This could be preparing for Thinking Day, earning a badge, going on a field trip, or selling products. The choice is your decision.

7. Have a movie night or party. Enjoy being together and have everyone bring a snack. You can also create or decorate snacks after or before the party. Fun food creations or decorated cakes are always an exciting to create. Create or serve fun food to feel the theme of the patch. Decorate cupcakes or cookies; popcorn, Krispy treats, or outer space sparkle punch.

8. Learn about different things about outer space. Are there aliens or life in outer space? How many planets do we have and in what are they located? What is a constellation? Check out our Space kit or Astronomy Kit.

9. Adopt a troop and do one thing special for them. Teach them a badge, help them with Thinking Day or have them join in on your movie event.

10. Complete a community service project and give to others through community service. Create cards, collect food, make valentines, or donate uniforms or books to other troops. The ideas are endless.

Community Service Ideas

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